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Corruption is a dirty problem that has crawled into each and every system of our country. The corruption is one of the main reasons why the rate of growth and development has decreased in India. The greed has taken over, the number of selfless people have been overshadowed by the greedy and corrupted people.

The corruption today has become an evil necessity, for each and every government task that has to be done requires some kind of bribing. The officials openly accept and demand for bribes. It seems as if it was legal to ask for bribes. The common man is caught in dilemma whether to stand up for his or her integrity or to get his or her work done.

Corruption is a worm that is eating up the dreams and hard work that was put in by people who sacrificed a lot to see this nation flourish and grow. The regulation of power is strictly needed to lower down the amount of corruption that exists.

It is necessary to take some strict steps against corruption or soon it will swallow the nation.

Hope, you found the answer insightful.



Achal Varma


i think there’s nobody in this world who are not corrupt. we all are some or the other way corrupted because our government is very slow in implementing and corrupt. few examples would be like bribing the traffic police, paying an getting your license, most common one would be paying extra to the auto driver maybe because you have emergency to reach a meeting on time or college on time. various reasons is taken into advantage by auto drivers.

i have so many experience with the extra charging by auto drivers. where it would just charge me minimum but they charge like 100-200. this is ridiculous and t’s not i have not complained about it. i complained all the time but i never got a response that the guy is payed fine or punished. this is a great example to say we have so many ways to punish people but they are not effective at all.


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