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Educated politician or Experienced politician? Or Both?  


  1. Is it good to have well Educated politician for prestigious post (Education minister etc) rather than having experienced politician?

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I need you need both knowledge and experience to run a state. If you expect a person to be educated but they lack in implementing it, that causes disruption in the course of the country.


We don’t need experiance politicians we need most educated politicians and youngsters. Beacuse newly educated youth have new ideas for development and welfare. Experiance people takes so much time to decide to took decision for welfare but young and educated people will decide in short time if it is good for community. 

I also agree with you 



Politics is A very intricate subject and many people tend to ignore it. But for the well being and proper development of the nation , we need to have proper knowledge about the  political status of our nation 

Experience and education make the best man. Therefore i strongly believe that the best politician is the one who is well educated and well experience. His experience will be helpful in stressful situation while his education will be helpful in critical situations.

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Educated politicians.


It is important to have an educated politician. With proper education they will have the right knowledge to guide the country in the right direction. Lack of education will only stale the country, and the current leader is proving it. With proper education you can always get the experience, it’ll just come along. So it is necessary to have an educated minister over an experienced minister. 


Hi!!! We need educated politicians more than experienced politicians and if it’s both it’ll be more than good. Education is the boundary one should cross to hold a reputed ministry or form the government where education plays a big role and differentiate him from others and eventually makes a good leader.



Educated politicians


Education and Experience are both the necessary things for a politician . Education makes the politician understand the problems or issues faced by the common people and the experience of the politician helps him to overcome the problem.


In my opinion, Education and Experience are not mutually exclusive.

They go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other- you can read up as much as you want on how to drive a car but you won’t be able to actually drive it until you’ve practically learnt it and had experience.

So, a politician or a leader needs to have both these qualities, she needs to be experienced so as to know the consequences of the actions that she will be taking as well as educated so she knows that she should make decisions that are neutral and not biased.  


Educated politician as they will behave in a good manner unlike experienced politician who always blame the other party and want them to be let down. There are so many states in India where there are experienced politician and that has led to fights and an unsafe place for people.


i believe that a combinatiom of the two will always be a preferred choice for the reason being, any country needs an educated leader who knows what and why to everything he does. Also a support of his experience can lead him to and added advantage, for not all things are taught by theories of books but actuality of the occurences which can only be learnt in the process of progress. 


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