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How to become a politician?  



So, what would it take to become a politician in India? 

3 Answers

To become a politician you must have some qualities inside you.

  1. Helpful:- It mean that he is always ready to help his people how adverse the situation is.
  2. Caring Nature:- This mean that he should take care of the requirement of his people like water, electricity,good food and housing etc.
  3. Good Speaker:-This mean when he speak people should listen his word and follow him.
  4. Honest:- It is one of the beat quality not only for politician but also for every human being.If he is not honest then people don’t believe on him and not vote him.
  5. Social Worker:- It mean he or she should run NGO for the needy.
  6. Leadership Qualities:-This means if leader don’t have have leadership quality then people don’t follow him.It is the duty of the leader to controller all his worker.
  7. Visionary:-This mean if leader is not visionary the he can’t take discussion that is benificial for our future generationas well as present generation.

Simple living and High thinking.:- This means leader should always be down to earth.And always listen the problem of his people without showing any arrogance.

The above qualities are required for a good politician but now a days these qualities are missing.Thats the main reason that our country is not growing fast.

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Raise the issues of the public and have the ability to mobilize the crowd. All brilliant politicians have one thing in common, they are brilliant orators. So, in order to become a politician, work on your speaking skills and try to polish them. At the same time, one should have contacts in various political parties. The most important thing, I believe, is that a politician should be fearless and driven to create a better society, a utopian society. 


If u have a proper strategy to develop the areas & need to win people


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