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reservation shouldn't we try to reduce it instead of increasing it is going to affect the merit  



as per our constitution the reservation should not exceed more than 50 percent but just for the sake of winning votes is it legit to make such amendments in the constitution ?


True, as I say, General is the new Minority. 

Moreover, I think that the whole concept of reservation is flawed because we are actually discriminating these ‘classes’  by actually giving them a different category to get educated from or get a job from. So, we are pointing out that yes you are a minority and yes you go there when every single person is a general Indian. 



Reservations are necessary. That’s true because there are still many villages that discriminate against the SC, ST, OBC. 

RESERVATION HAS A LIMIT. Reservations should only be made in education and that too in lesser numbers. They are not required in jobs because by that time they will be well qualified.

Also SC,ST,OBCs who are well off should not be given this opportunity. 

The general population also works hard to succeed. So everyone must be given equal chance.



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