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What do you think about feminism?  



Feminism is a movement that has been around for over a century now but the relevance of this movement increases everyday. Feminism is in essence equality between male and female species of our planet, however it includes all genders, sexuality, ethnicity, caste and class groups, monetary positions etc. It is about giving the choice to live a rightful life of their own as the prvileged class of our society has been receiving. Feminism is about the right to choice of every person. A transgender person should be allowed to use whichever bathroom they feel fit and most comfortable in, people should be allowed to marry who they want to marry, no matter the sexuality, People should be getting the same wage for working the same job, instead of men getting a higher upperhand. Feminism isnt about helping only females anymore. It has become a movement to allow equality reign throughout our planet, including stereotypical problems faced by men that has lead to an increase in toxic masculinity.

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