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[Solved] Best place to relax? Beaches or mountains?  



Best place to relax? Beaches or mountains?

I’m a beach person

9 Answers

I am a mountain person. There is just something about the mightiness of a mountain that always calms me down.


Beaches !!! always beaches. especially at night.

The cool breeze that flows continuously that plays with my hair,The salty taste of the air ,and the countless sea waves that kisses the sea shores..

they are one of he best ways to De stress after a busy week.




Both have their own plus points:-

Mountain is known for tracking, adventure camps, mountaineering etc

Beach for sea view, music of waves, birds, trees, open cloud, sun set/ sun  rise view etc.


Well, a person can find both the places relaxing. It just depends on his character. A study shows that people who lived in mountainous areas where more introverted than those who lived in flatter states. And another survey found that extroverts preferred the ocean to the mountains when looking at a series of pictures, similar to the ones shown below, and their choices had nothing to do with any other personality factors such as levels of openness and agreeableness.

But Is that really the case? 


I have always been more of a mountain-person. Maybe this is because I have a slight fear of water, and swimming in a beach isn’t really my thing. I love the challenge that a mountain presents, beckoning us to climb it. It also gives a sense of achievement when you climb a mountain and reach the top. It feels like the entire world is at your feet. Also, there is something special about the mountain air..! Hence, I prefer relaxing in the mountains to the beach.


Well both are the best places to relax. It only depends on the person where they feel more relax. Some people found beaches the best place to relax and some found mountains the best place to relax. According to me, both the places has their own beauty. Where ever the one will go they are going to enjoy it to the fullest. On mountains the one can enjoy the hiking, hunting, hill walking, camps etc. and on beaches the one can enjoy the surfer paradise, underwater adventure, parasailing, sunrise, sunset etc.


Mountains, as there will be lots and lots of silence and you can also listen to your voice through the echoes. It its the best place as there will be calmness in mind and you can savour the beauty of the nature standing at the top of it. It is also the best place to get motivated and to meditate.


I prefer mountains than beaches because of its peaceful environment with chillness and freshness. Mountains give some relaxation for our mind. It will make us cool without getting us tensed it will relax our whole body with peace. So, I prefer mountains than beaches.



The best place to relax is in the mountains where you can wake up in baggy clothes, look at the beautiful scenery, sit with a cup of tea and bring out the artist in you. 


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