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How do you prefer to travel? Alone or with friends?  



How do you prefer to travel? Alone or with friends?

3 Answers

I prefer to travel with friends because my friends for me so importance. Life without friends are so boring. With friends we enjoy more during travelling. With friends we play some games during travelling. My class tour was gone to Rajasthan and i full enjoy during that tour with my friends. We play truth and dear, anthrakshri etc. We eat together. we dance on Dj. That would be for me a good memory for whole life.

achhwani kumar


I prefer travelling with friends as it has many perks which are listed as follows:-

(1) Bunch of wood is harder to break: On the safety side when it comes to travel I will always prefer a group to stick together especially when the itinerary involves a lot of night travelling. For me , it boosts up my confidence a bit.

(2)Economically : Travelling together makes the travel cheaper as all the costs get divided in the group and you are not the only one who spends all the money and be broke after a while.  🤭 

(3) Interaction : When it comes to me , I have some really poor interaction skills (it differs from person to person though.) which can be listed as a big reason for why wont i like to travel alone because travelling alone requires a lot of interacting with strangers.

(4) Bonding over travelling: Travelling really strengthens some bonds, so if you go out with friends it will really improve your friendship bonds.


The preference depends upon the kind of mood I am in or the phase of life that I am in. I think both-travelling alone and with friends have its own unique experiences and are equally important. On one hand, where a solo trip lets you have the much needed ‘Me-Time’, travelling with friends lets you have a wonderful ‘We-Time’. You can explore yourself to great depths while travelling solo whereas with a group of friends, you will definitely have a more fun and crazy time. 


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