Is traveling the mu…

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Is traveling the must for everyone?  



Is it ?

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No, it isn’t.


What made you think so?


Travelling is not a Must , but actually it happens even without consciousness. Travel gives you New experiences , new places , new culture , new knowledge and so on . And I consider even our day to day life is a travel through newness. 


It depends on  an individual whether they must travel or not. I personally travel because i like exploring and meeting new people. I also like solo travelling for the peace of mind.



Travel has become a necessity as we need a break from our tight schedule, and we also get to explore new places. Travelling helps to get first hand experience of different cultures of this world, as we get to meet new people and share our experiences with each other. 

Arunima Roy


Yes, it is.

Even though you are not aware of it but you are travelling every day. Travelling doesn’t means travelling to hill stations or any beautiful hangout places, long drives etc. only.

It is anything which leads to new experiences, changes your mood, results in change in your efficiency etc. Even if you are sleeping, you are travelling through time and next day your efficiency is improved. This is also travelling.




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