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[Sticky] Reviews on Juhu Chaupati Mumbai?  

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That’s a good video

What are your thoughts on Udaipur?

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According to me, the right time to go to Juhu Chaupati is at night. 😍  The scenery is so wonderful that you don’t want to move to another place. there are differt types of food stalls and for kids some vendors are moving here there to sell toys, rides are also there forsmall kids. At night that place becomes cool and makes a pleasant weather. There is not so much crowd sp some people who don’t like much crowded area they can go there and have fun fun. Moving in sand is so relaxing in bare feet. 😍 Nice place to go and enjoy there. I am telling you by my own experience.

Yes you’re right

That is a good one

That’s so nice. What should be the required budget for planning trip to Mumbai for around 1week?


Mumbai is city made up of 17 islands and where one can enjoy beaches and cuisines at the same time.

When it comes to beaches Juhu Chawpatty is one the most famous beaches in Mumbai to enjoy the cool ocean breezes on your body and full your stomach with mouth watering Vada Paw.

Whenever I visit Mumbai I try to hit the Juhu Chawpatty beach Everytime and in the recent years the it’s getting very crowded and polluted. People enjoy the place but let’s hope they maintain it’s purity at the same time.

Well answered

It’s a natural beauty to experience.

I agree


Juhu Chowpatty is a serene and beautiful beach with some delicious food to gorge on. One can savor the cool atmosphere with their loved ones by relishing some great dishes. Juhu beach is the most visited place which gets greatly lit once the sun sets down. 

Its a great place to enjoy in the waters, try out some fun water sports or just soak your feet and relax after a tedious day. But it is sad to see that people litter all over the beach and the place is a mess. Though it gets cleaned regularly but a small initiative from the people as well to keep this beautiful beach clean would be a great initiative. 

People need to become more responsible and understand their duties as well

I agree with you on this

Yeah they need to understand their responsibility


Juhu Chaupati beach is the most renowned beach of India. It is located in Mumbai, which is known as ‘the City of dreams.’ It is a landmark place for shooting beach scenes for films. Visit to this beach has been one of the most fascinating experience for me. It’s not only a beach, you can see a lot of shops or eating joints out there. One should definitely try all the famous cuisines available.

It is always crowded with all sorts of people coming to the beach for having fun or spending wonderful time with their families.

Most of the time you can have a glimpse of a lot of flights moving in the sky since, beach is situated near to the airport. People there enjoyed jogging, cycling, walking and many other activities. The place is filled with cheerful voices of kids and their families. The best part that I loved is sunset time. Watching it, was extremely relaxing and peaceful for me.

Well said

Yes it’s beautiful

That’s a good place


Juhu Chowpatty is very famous for its food and view . People come here to enjoy the nature. I have been here many times. My cousins come here to play. Recently I went here with my friends to have a great time. The place is very good. It is a Photographic place. All age group of people come here and enjoy.Threel of the Walk During Rainy ( Mansoon ) Season, Enjoyment of Walk Between this place till ‘ Hotel Oberoi ” becames a Memorial Event in your life. Be Prepaired to get Wet by Spashes of the Sea and Speeding Cars on the Other side.

The beach is nice and attracts a lot of visitors. Children can enjoy in the water as well play around the beach. On weekends its very crowded but still it attracts a large no. of visitors. One of the place in Mumbai where one can enjoy a nice evening, many vendors are also sell an array of things

The food there is to another level. 

I love the beach as well

I’ve never been to Mumbai. 😅


I think that JUHU chowpatty is a good beach and offers good food. Thus it becomes a good tourist attraction this causes problem for the beach as it becomes very dirty during the evenings and especially  on the weekends . It becomes unbearable to see such a beautiful place so dirty. Every night the beach is cleaned but it becomes the same every evening. Thus this should be taken care of the we don’t spoil such natural beauty. 

Absolutely right

That’s the best place


The Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the most famous Indian beaches. This beach is known to be the one of the most-visited beaches of India and is situated in ‘Ville Parle’. It is located approximately 18 km from the city center and is a desired location for most film shootings. It is located approximately 18 km from the city center and is a desired location for most film shootings. Juhu Beach borders a posh locality where most celebrities stay and therefore, it is quite common to find famous celebrities jogging along the sands of this popular beach of Mumbai. Tourists visit this beach because of its peaceful atmosphere and its scenic beauty.


It is peaceful indeed

That’s the best place

Yes, agree with you!


It’s a very good and nice beach. People enjoy going there and it is also a very famous beach in Mumbai. The foods, the ambiance is great. The time i visited was during my Durga puja holidays and i have spent almost 1 hour on that beach and it was evening time. and i liked the beach very much beside the beach is very dirty, people through waste and the water has also become dirty and polluted. It is crowded most of the time. And on weekends beach is crowded  the most. The blowing wind and the ripples of the water is just worth the visit. Tourist are attracted more to this beach due to its ambiance.    

Although I love Juhu Chowpatty, I do prefer less crowded beaches.

I love the food at Juhu Chowpatty

I love the food at Juhu Chowpatty


It’s great place to create best moments with friey


Friends make every place the best place to hang out.

I agree

Yeah awesome



It is a good place


Juhu Chowpatty is a beautiful location set in Vile Parle, West of the Western Suburban area of Mumbai. It is a hub of various food stalls by the sea that are ready to offer various food delicacies and cheap and affordable rates.  

On a Sunday, the crowd at Juhu Chowpatty is no less than what we Indians call “Machchi Bazaar”, since everyone would want to sit watching the waves go back and forth while the wind treats their face and enjoy a hot plate of that extra-butter Pav Bhaji. 

Though the food is cheap and affordable, the crowd is not so civilized and prefers throwing trash right on the beach which is often gulped and thrown out by water. This is what makes Juhu Beach really dirty.

If you are coming to Juhu Beach to jog in the morning, you’ll find a number of cut-fruit walas and nariyal pani walas to take your fitness a notch up. 

All in all, if the dirty part of Juhu Chowpatty is taken away, the place is a delicacy in itself and I am sure it’ll make you full to the brim.


I loved your answer.

I agree with you

I agree with your answer


Juhu chaupati is one of the most beautiful place in Mumbai. As it’s beautiful scene of sunsets and sunrises attract a big crowd. Good number of people always visit juhu chaupati. Also apart from its beauty, it also has a lot of street food or local food stalls and shops. 

The best time to visit juhu chaupati is during the time of sunset and sunrise. 

(My visit to juhu chaupati in march’2017) 



Very nice place. I have gone only two times

Archit goyal

You should go there more often then

Yeah it is the best place


Juhu Chowpati is one of the largest and most popular beaches in mumbai. It has luxury hotels near it and it is ringed by arabian sea in the west. 

Juhu beach is famous street foodss like Pav Bhaji, Pani poori,sev puri and bhelpuri and so on. There are numerous other stalls like of balloons, tees, ice creams etc

Its a scene there.

I love the ambience

You can get the best scenes there

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