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Which is the best cafe in Delhi for college students?  



Which is the best cafe in Delhi for college students?

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There are a lot of good cafes in Hudson Lane in north Delhi which serves delicious yet pocket-friendly food.  Some cafes college students can check out are Big Yellow Door, Woodbox Cafe, Cafeteria and Co., Ricos, Wat-a-burger, By the Bay and QD’s. Another good restaurant famous for pizzas is Jamies Pizzeria situated in Vasant Kunj and Gurgaon. It is pocket-friendly and serves various pizza varieties with authentic Italian flavors.

For some lip-smacking dishes, you can watch the video below.



I haven’t been to Jamies pizzeria, will check it out in a few days. And I am pretty bored of Hudson now 🙁

Me too! Do check it out and tell your views then I will also visit. 


Cafes in Delhi are immeasurably populated at every corner of this city. There is no such place around ‘Saddi Dilli‘  which lacks a place to eat , especially when it comes to cafes. There are many famous hot spots for students as well such as Satyaniketan in the South , Hudson Lane in the North. But there is one cafe in a small place called Majnu Ka Tila which goes by the name ‘AMA Cafe’. I have explored many cafes all around Delhi but still haven’t came across a cafe as good as the AMA cafe.

This cafe is very famous for its pancakes. But, other than pancakes every thing on the menu is ‘FLAWLESS’. This cafe opens early in the morning and serves the best break fast around the city. They also have many Tibetan dishes and a wide range of desserts. The ambience of this place is so fresh and worth visiting. And to add the cherry on the cake the staff is very polite and helpful  and the service of this place is very swift as well.


Most students reside in North Delhi because of DU’s North campus. there are a lot of cafes in Hudson Lane, the most popular being The Big Yellow Door, Cafeteria and Co., YOLO21, Ricos. there are a few in Kamla Nagar- Wendy’s, Raaga, Laalten cafe .


There are a lot of cafes in Delhi to choose from. Depending upon the budget and food preference, if you are looking for a not so high on pocket with good foof cafe, Hudson land in North Campus and SatyaNiketan in South Campus has a lot to offer. You can visit Woodbox cafe for their amazing range of pocket-friendly and scrumptious platters or keventers if you are in a mood to sip some amazing shakes. I would advise to use Zomato app in order to find a perfect cafe according to your need, budget and choice. 


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