who is your favouri…

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who is your favourite sports person??  




One and only Mr. Thala of chennai….Mahindra singh dhoni

7 Answers

Mahendra Sing Dhoni is my favorite sportsmen…I was a big fan of Dhoni since he arrived in the cricket fields…..


My favorite sports person is virat kohli. He is the one of the best batsman that the Indian team ever have had. His batting skills are awesome, though he might not be considered as the best captain.


Tendulkar. He is my favorite cricket player when I started watching cricket, as all we know that he is one of the best cricketer in the world. We also know that he very cool and calm person on cricket pitch or real life as well. He shaw his aggression by the betting.


Virat kholi 


Rohit Sharma has got in some seriously good nick and though his opening partner will change, we can only expect more runs from this prolific player.


Well you can never rule out Virat Kohli. He certainly is a force to reckon with in these kind of situations. He has started to get into runs and who knows how much he will amass.


Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal


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