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Do you think we are surrounded by machines  



Do you think we are surrounded by machines ?

1 Answer

I wonder why you asked this question. But for courtesy’s sake i’m interested to answer.

Let’s just take a look around first. Visualise your surroundings be it at class , lecture hall, office or lab?

What about your own home!?

What do you normally see around you? What are the items your mother uses to help make the household works easier? Think a little more! Yes… I’m sure you already know.

  • What do you think i’m typing this answer with? I’m using a cellphone with internet service.
  • You guys may be using laptop with a modem or WiFi connectivity I dunno.
  • What are the other appliances you use? An iPod? iPad? Kindle? What about a tablet?

Are not those basically electronic devices? Technically speaking machines? 

How about we have a visit to the kitchen or dining hall?

  • Do you see the television placed in the living room?
  • Electric stove or electric oven?
  • What about a bread toaster?
  • Induction cooker?
  • Rice cooker?
  • Microwave oven?
  • An ironing set?

Aren’t those machines again?

Apart from that, if you need more proof how about a hair dryer? Hair straightener? Curling rods? Light bulbs , stitching machine? Fans? What about the most important in this summer heat Air conditioners?

Gave so many examples. I don’t have a need to speak any further although hell yes we are surrounded by electronic devices and appliances all through without which we can’t survive anymore.


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