I seem to be addict…

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I seem to be addicted to my notifications. Are you too?  



I am constantly urged to check my notifications , as if waiting for something to happen. 

This is so me. Regularly checking notifications for no conceivable purpose ever.

Me Not… Because I filtered notifications and massages.


3 Answers

I used to be addicted to my notifications earlier especially when I newly joined Whatsapp. But now since it made me so addictive I switched off my notification button. So now that habit of checking my phone everytime has gone and I am glad. 



Yes same here. I keep scrolling the notification bar very often, usually most of the time I spend on my phone is only due to that. Even while writing this message I scrolled it down once. Even if there are no notifications I end up scrolling the notification bar down and I do not know why. 


Yes, I am. In a way. I have filtered my notifications so I only get them from things/ people that I like, but even then, as soon as my phone flashes, I jump to check it. Some setting I can’t change as it would be too drastic, so for things like Instagram dm and text messaging, my notifications are all on. And as soon as I get a notification, it’s like I have to check it. And if it’s a message from an operator, or someone I don’t like, I am instantly disappointed because I was eager for it to be something/ someone exciting.


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