Is technology destr…

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Is technology destroying us or enhancing our lives?  




8 Answers

Technology, may it be in any generation, has had it’s own advantages and disadvantages. It’s like the two faces of a coin.

It depends on the way it is being used and it depends on the situation too. Electricity was one of the greatest inventions and even it had it’s own side of disadvantages. There are many people dying due to electric shocks and other hazards. But has it stopped us from using electricity? No. Because when cautiously used, it is one of the greatest gift mankind has received.

Likewise, current technologies such as advanced computers, processors, Smart HD TVs, Smartphones, Cloud computing, Big Data, advanced satellites, high speed internet, mobile networks etc have become parts of our daily life, even though they have their own disadvantages.

We cannot imagine our day without TV, Refrigerator, washing machine, TV, smartphone and internet. These have tremendous roles to play in our life ranging from reducing our effort to get things done to being able to communicate with anyone in the world instantly and get unlimited information from abundant sources all over the world. And not only these help us in getting things done, it has created a staggering number of employments all over the world. Imagine the world without IT, Internet and Smartphones. Millions of people would be unemployed and we would be still the same we were 20–30 years back even though the population has grown tremendously.

These technologies have their own disadvantages too. Such as addiction to smartphones and internet has made us lazy. Newer weapons leading to mass destructions, warfares. Some people use technology to intimidate others where as some people use it to bring chaos. Kids nowadays play games on smartphones more than they do on the field, we are lazy to go to banks or grocery shops because everything can be done at our fingertips. Internet is also a big source of misleading things such as porn and addictive social media. Also it has lead to a lot of cyber crimes off late.

It is in our hands to use these technologies in a useful and productive way. We need to teach our future generations on how we can use these technologies effectively and how do we balance our life amidst ever evolving world.

The world keeps evolving, just like we have evolved from stone age to most advance civilization. And in the ever evolving and ever changing world, it is necessary to keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies. So I would say technology is not a curse, but a gift to mankind when used wisely.

Yess Ypu are absolutely Right 👍 👍 


Technology are destroying our life by making us dependent on it . in today world we  can’t do anything without the help of technology .. nowadays there are many cases of brain injury which caused due to excessive use of technology 


Depends on how you take it. Technology is always developed to benefit us and ease out our lives but if we overuse it or use it against each other or exploit it, it can be harmful for us too.

Thats true


I guess its is destroying us


Both. Depends on how you use it .


It depends on us.If we use it constructive purpose ,it is useful and if it is used for destructive purpose, it destroys us.So it os wise to change our’s perspective towards technology. Then,it will be definitely shows a positive impact.


Every coin has two sides and so does technology. Let’s have a look at each side :


Have you ever imagined what it felt like to live in the early ’90s?

I recently watched the Kesari movie and I saw how our warriors used to fight without any advance weapons and here we are today living such a comfortable life, getting everything on our fingertips just because of advancement in technology. Food, Water, Electricity, Shelter, Mobile, and internet are our basic necessities nowadays. We need to travel we call cabs using mobile, we feel hungry we use zomato and uber eats to order food. The education system is completely changed due to this. We can look for any information at any time using Google.

Cons: We have become a slave of technology. We can’t survive without it. I remember the times when my grandfather used to do all calculations in their mind and we just open our mobiles and use our calculators to do the same calculation. We even can’t imagine a day without the internet.

Any invention can be useful and destructive. It depends on us how we use it and in what quantity.



There are both advantages and disadvantages of using technology. As technology is increasing day by day people are becoming day by day. Technology is making people smarter. We can say technology is enhancing people. It is saving our time in every aspect.

Moreover, we can say technology is enhancing people mostly.



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