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Mobile phones : a boon or a bane?  



Mobile phones : a boon or a bane?

8 Answers

Depends on the way one uses it. There are always two sides of a coin. Hence both the sides must be taken into account.


  1. Revolutionized the modern form of communication. Communicating with people at far places has become easier.
  2. Mobile phones have inter linked a number of people in various interior regions where the telephone lines can not reach.
  3. Easy to use, comfortable and equipped with almost every latest feature we desire such as camera, calculator, internet, banking services, games and many more.


  1. Radiations transmitted by mobile phones prove to be harmful for health. The rays emitted by the mobile towers prove to be harmful for bees and birds. So, in short, mobile phones have played their part in disturbing the environment.
  2. Addiction to mobile phones is proving out to be a major health concern, not just physical well being but also psychological and emotional well being.
  3. Social life of the generation has been reduced to texting, calling and messaging. The technology has both increased and reduced the interaction among the people thus owing to various psychological disorders, depression and anxiety being the two most common forms.

So, it all comes down to the simple fact that it is we  human beings ourselves who is to decide whether our cell phone proves to be a boon or bane for us . For me, my mobile phone is a boon for me.


Have you ever thought what knife is – an instrument utilized in the room or a weapon ? Similar is that the case with technology that’s mobile phones. It all depends on the method it’s used. Since the dawn of human civilisation man has been dedicated to inventing and making things. mobile is one such, moveable device. These have fully modified the construct of telephoning and square measure currently cheap, simple to use, comfy and equipped with nearly each latest feature we tend to want like camera, calculator, internet, banking services, games and plenty of a lot of. Mobile phones are often currently seen because the most used gift day development. 

The technology is effective moreover as negative. the best disadvantage is that the technology have wedged the natural methodology of human interaction badly. conjointly cell phones have created terrorist attacks within the world terribly simple. This has become a world matter of concern. rather than viewing things via aircraft, allow us to simply specialize in our lives. Mobile phones have severe health implications too. Radiations transmitted by these devices have established harmful to lives. mobile addiction is another major disadvantage. Sneak a glance around and you may be forced to suppose as if folks were married to mobile phones, sounds funny however true.


Teenagers square measure working on their mobile phones all the time, in spite of on phone calls, mistreatment SMS text messages, personalizing the mobile phones with ringtones and footage etc. which frequently ends up in loss of concentration and brings distractions of all types.I feel from time to time that we tend to ourselves square measure paving the method for our youth towards the devastation and shoving them into hearth. it’s the duty and responsibility of each right minded national to teach and infuse our youth, particularly school students towards the correct use of mobile phones and conjointly the necessity to capacitate them for a bright and prosperous future. the longer term of our nation is within the hands of the young generation that desires correct discipline, guidelines, rules and laws. allow us to all lead them in an exceedingly correct and healthy method forward.


Technology is a brilliant tool to increase our knowledge.  It has advance alot in the past few decades. It was given us new ways of entertainment, communication , employment and education. 

As every coin has two sides , likewise even technology has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Technology brought the world closer. It made the geographical distance disappear and made communication much much simpler. It gave rise to various professions. The industrial technology sector has progressed a lot . We got opportunities to explore space. Even the agriculture sector saw various advantage like increase in crop production. Financing became simpler. And the biggest boon was the invention of mobile and laptop which made our workplace a lot more easier.

But technology has its disadvantages too. Because of the ultraviolet rays , various diaeases have emerged. People became dependent on technology. We are always glued to mobile and technology. Use of chemical in food industry caused many harmful effects. Also the consequences of war became more and more deleterious because of use if nuclear weapon. Computer hacking caused a trouble in financing. 

It is upto us how we use technology. We need to be very careful . If used properly, it has the potential to be the biggest tool a human has.

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This is one of the most cliched yet ravishing and universally controversial topic.

This evolution of technology which is driven by us has been nothing but beneficial for us and we as developers and consumers just make the most of it. Now, this evolution hasn’t always been successful. Yes, nothing in this dynamic world is ideal, we can go near to perfection but can never be perfect. Such is the case of our beloved mobile phone.

A mobile, even though how useful it might be, can sometimes be so energy and time consuming. We as human beings – smartest species on this planet, need to understand the balance of things and try to implement in to perfection in real life. As we all know, excess of everything is bad and our mobile phone is the connoisseur of such a situation. This intricate balance must be maintained or we’ll just end up full and regrets and half achieved goals. 

A mobile phone though useful in times of need like information processing, learning and entertainment can turn on out to be our doom. We as humans should know the proper implementation of this device because technology isn’t going to stop. We have to adapt as it evolves. It should not be ironic that “Man creates history, man becomes history” because of this little evolution that came into being.

We have to choose whether to be consumed by it or to use it wisely. This world needs people more than it needs gadgets and technology. We shouldn’t let this get the best of us which would conclude with us being a farce and joke. What are if we couldn’t just simply balance our priorities and move on with time ? Or do we need a mobile phone to help us with it ?  😉



Although cell phones allow individuals to have unlimited access to information and to connect with others in a way otherwise thought impossible, there are many harmful and disturbing effects of smartphone dependence. Cell phone addiction, sometimes referred to as problematic mobile phone use, is a behavioral addiction thought to be similar to that of an internet, gambling, shopping or game addiction  and leads to severe impairment or distress in one’s life. Cell phones have become a representation of social status and thus, there is pressure to own the newest release and to have all of the best applications. People suffering from this condition oftentimes have what has been coined “nomophobia,” or the fear of being without one’s cell phone.


Cellphones to be categorized as boon or bane can be done on the bases of individual uses. On the one hand where it connects us with the worth of the knowledge, our near and dear ones, and providing us with access to important statistics and day to day needs. Used wisely and effectively the cellphones are proved to be one of the most useful tools. For the later one can change oneself as the use is totally depended on us but there are certain factors which are certainly a bane like the environmental factor health problems etc.



It is proved that everything in the world has both pros as well as cons. Accordingly, mobile phones are boon for those who use it for effective purpose and bane for those who misuse it . In earlier times, when people used to go away from their family for business purpose, their family members would write letters and send their messages. then,there came telephones through which you would call your dear ones and talk to them. Slowly, science progressed and then telephones were there after followed by cell phones and mobile phones. Mobile phones are proved to be the one among those inventions which are the most used and effective in today’s life. Mobile phones are used for various purposes such as for playing games, listening songs, using social networking sites etc. Teenagers like using social networking sites such as facebook, whatsapp, instagram, snapchat, twitter etc. Thus in turn passes their time. Many other use mobile phones for study purposes. But, there are many greedy people in this world who misuse it. Due to which mobile phones are bane for some people. They misuse mobile phones for their own greed. Nowadays, grown – ups as well as junior to them both are getting attracted to sites which are worst than anything else for them. They watch vulgar images/videos, which is very bad for today’s generation. Terrorist use mobile phones and turn it into something named as phone bombs which is a great matter for concern. The greatest inventions are those which affect the mass of people and of those inventions is mobile phones. Undoubtedly, if mobile phones are in right hands, then they are a marvel that is boon for the society.


One technology that by far has the biggest consumer across country is a cell phone. In today’s world one can find a cell phone practically among all age group of people and all walks of life.

But the question is whether a cell phone or so called mobile phone is a boon or a bane?

Well it makes life simple,connects people across states, nations and definitely provides wide range of information..

But, the moot question is: do we really need all these spoon-feeding ‘assistants’ for even our basic needs, and whether the gadget is taking away our small joys and happiness for minor accomplishments  that we were so used to in the golden past. The art of letter writing for example is now defunct. We instead derive a sense of pride about using the messaging service of our smart phone to say hi, hello. The personal touch is lost. Everything becomes mechanical, automatic with feelings taking the back seat. Is this the world of technology that we bargained for? 


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