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List the advantages and disadvantages of technology?

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There are a lot of advantages of technology :

Ease of Access

Better Healthcare

Better Security

Faster Calculations, Faster ways of getting work done.

Automation, use of machines to do tough work.

Better Entertainment – new technologies like 5D and DOLBY

Faster travel – use of services like helicopter cabs and phone cabs.

Faster emergency services – reporting fire accidents and thefts using mobiles

and many innumerous applications for technology.

But they have Disadvantages too,


Loss of jobs due to use of machines

Dependency on technology increasing risk of diseases in people.

Decreased eye sight, Obesity, Hairloss

Addiction to apps like PUBG and TikTok, further leading to crimes.

Vishal Dhatrika

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Technology is a brilliant tool to increase our knowledge.  It has advance alot in the past few decades. It was given us new ways of entertainment, communication , employment and education. 

As every coin has two sides , likewise even technology has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Technology brought the world closer. It made the geographical distance disappear and made communication much much simpler. It gave rise to various professions. The industrial technology sector has progressed a lot . We got opportunities to explore space. Even the agriculture sector saw various advantage like increase in crop production. Financing became simpler. And the biggest boon was the invention of mobile and laptop which made our workplace a lot more easier.

But technology has its disadvantages too. Because of the ultraviolet rays , various diaeases have emerged. People became dependent on technology. We are always glued to mobile and technology. Use of chemical in food industry caused many harmful effects. Also the consequences of war became more and more deleterious because of use if nuclear weapon. Computer hacking caused a trouble in financing. 

It is upto us how we use technology. We need to be very careful . If used properly, it has the potential to be the biggest tool a human has.

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