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What is the best speakers to buy under budget?  



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you preferred “boat stone 260” speaker. Its cost is under 1500. Its base is so good. Its very loud audio. I purchased it in august 2017. Till now it work properly. It is a portable speaker and its weight also light. And its material is so good. You preferred flipkart or amazon to buy this. And its rating on flipkart is 4.4. Its available on flipkart with 7 colors.

achhwani kumar


You can buy intex speaker if you have a low  budget and want to hear good quality music. I would personally recommend them to everyone. 

Or You can buy JBL portable speakers which also comes in short range of 1000 to 2000 also.


It depends on what kind of speaker you want to buy and what budget you want.

Sagar Saini

So I want a portable speaker, very loud audio– I mean good quality sharp audio, under 5k


Recently I purchased blue-tooth speakers of “Boat”. Those were really nice and quite affordable.

Subhasish Paul

Okay thank you, let me just check them out..


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