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What's a Blockchain Operating System?  



let us discuss this new technology!

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A blockchain operating system uses blockchain as the platform for running a device’s operating system. 

A blockchain essentially works as a transaction processing engine. Whether you need a payment processed, or you need to arm your cryptokitty with the latest gadget, or you want to track your high-cost wine shipment right from the vinyard to your doorstep on the VeChain blockchain, all such applications of blockchain are based on authenticating, recording, and processing transactions.

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A blockchain operating system uses blockchain as a support in the background. For instance, your Android mobile or Windows PC needs a local installation of the respective OS on the smartphone’s memory or on the PC’s hard-disk, and all transactions and commands are executed locally. A blockchain-based OS captures all commands and transactions from a user’s device but authenticating, executing, and recording them occurs on the blockchain.

All benefits and advantages of blockchain are expected to be available to blockchain OS users.

Whatever a user does on their Android or iOS mobiles, or Windows or Mac PCs is prone to be captured by the respective apps, ISPs, as well as the OS manufacturers who may record all user activities in the OS logs. Blockchain based OS offers benefits of security and privacy, and the de-regulated, decentralized use of OS.

The concept is still evolving, and real world use is limited. However, if it succeeds in offering a smooth and clutter-free working of the device OS, it may not be too far to see more and more devices running on such blockchain OS.


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