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Should reservation be removed from the education system in India?  


New Member Registered
Joined: 1 month ago
Posts: 81
April 29, 2019 4:18 pm  

Reservation system was introduced in the 1940’s to help underprivileged children gaim access to education. Even after decades of its implication, the reservation system is still being followed. People who were given this privilege are getting undue advantage of it. And others who genuinely deserve the position are lacking behind. What are your views?

Eminent Member Registered
Joined: 4 weeks ago
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April 30, 2019 10:46 am  

India is a country of many casts and tribes. Reservation system is introduced to  enhance the social and educational status of underprivileged communities. But many are misusing this system and talented people are not getting admissions in higher studies. So the present reservation system in india should be revised and equal justice should be provided

Rajesh Kumar

ghanshyam meena
New Member Registered
Joined: 3 weeks ago
Posts: 4
May 2, 2019 2:08 pm  

Reservation, a answer to many question and question for everyone, somebody says it should be removed some says it will keep but i will in favour of this and in terms of education yes, People(who not get the reservation)  think due to the reservation there chances of selection get decreases but in today’s era where everyone is working so smartly how you say that government thinks like the 90s if reservation is such harmful then governments abolish it in these 70 years. just because of reservation there is a lot of community or caste get upgraded and we need this until and unless every person does not get an education. we belong to such diversities that this is one platform which provides a future for those who want to try.

New Member Registered
Joined: 3 weeks ago
Posts: 32
May 7, 2019 3:42 pm  

Yes, if reservation system continued india won’t be developed country

New Member Registered
Joined: 2 weeks ago
Posts: 10
May 12, 2019 1:08 pm  

I differ from the majority answers that has been given with respect to the question asked.

According to what I think, the resservation system should not be abolished or removed. Removing reservation system is like snatching away the path to development for the underprivileged communities or caste. We can’t really say that people have developed so much that they have abolished caste system. Recently I saw a report in the newspaper where a guy was beaten and his face was painted black because he belonged a lower caste and went to appear for UPSC entrance test. Reports like these validate the need of reservation. The only aim of reservation to certain communities is that they get equal chance to develop.

They’re two steps from the majority of the general caste community and for reaching their development level they of course need help (or privilege).

It’s irony that no one sees the misery suffered by the communities who are now entitled to reservation. They were never allowed to reach the level of life enjoyed by the general communities. So the reservation gives a chance to people like them uplift themselves.

I don’t deny the fact that amendments in the reservation system is needed. The criterion of reservation should be revised and should be given to one who truly deserves it so that misuse of the reservation doesn’t happen.

New Member Registered
Joined: 2 weeks ago
Posts: 43
May 13, 2019 10:39 pm  

Reservation is an essential part of INDIA’s development, don’t just conclude yourself on what I’m gonna say so keep reading. Reservations were brought into light for paving a path for the lower caste people who were discriminated over the years and were not provided with any facilities or access to knowledge or better living conditions. Reservations were meant to bring equity in the society. On the contrary with the growing reservations the unreserved people have been under prejudice for about 80 years now as the people who have truly used their reservations have grown rich and powerful and yet having the benefits of their reservations and there still exists many reserved people who are unable to utilise their reservations properly, remaining poor and illiterate while the unreserved are left with fewer chances and high population they are having to struggle a lot to attain a seat in reputed college or job, it’s futile to speak about the position of unreserved poor people as they have been stomped over by the reservation system . There might be a day in the future when the judiciary opens it’s eyes to this discrimination and provide reservations for the unreserved then after 2-3 decades the then unreserved will be noticed and will be given reservations the pattern repeats😂. I think there must be reservations but not based on caste it must be based on whether a person is above poverty line or below poverty line thats it then there is a high scope for the literacy rate of our country to leap over to a position on par with the developed nations.

New Member Registered
Joined: 2 weeks ago
Posts: 11
May 14, 2019 10:16 pm  

Umm, Yes.

In this day and age of equality where men and women are getting equal rights, why should the caste system prevail in India? Reservations for the unprivileged community was earlier done since they were suppressed and their voices weren’t heard. But now when everything is done equally, the concept of reservation just makes a lot of deserving candidates lose their opportunity to people who couldn’t prove themselves and are now getting a chance for something just because they are a minority? Doesn’t make sense, at all.

Shikhar gupta
New Member Registered
Joined: 2 weeks ago
Posts: 11
May 15, 2019 3:33 pm  

Thats a 100% from my side. Reservation on the basis of caste must be removed from not only our education system but also for job purposes. Every now and then we all experience that standards or eligibility for some institution is different for various castes for the same vancancy. This prcatice is also prevalent in our education system. For very well known universities and schools, we have reservation systems due to which a huge gap come between those who have achieved that place because of tough competition and those who have achieved that position because of a relatively easy competition and more because of reservations. Think about this if a person has enrolled in a reputed university and he is from general category, he/she must score 97%marks whether a person from SC/ST category has to score just 90%. This is admission time all over country. Every school student is looking to get admissiom in most reputed universities. Take example of Shri Ram College of Commerce, it is most sought after college for graduation in commerce. To get admission in such a prestigious college for course, a student from general category is required to have97-98% marks in 12th board whether for a SC category student its around 90-91% thats a difference of 7% and it is huge. Due to reservations students with vast range of marks study together and those who have enrolled because of reservations(90%) can’t compete with other student who have enrolled because of the genuine cut off (97%). This causes mental tension, stress and mental disturbance for students. Various students who are good enough to be in those colleges can’t take admission because of reservation and they may take admission in foreign universities or they may also get mental disturbance, trauma or stress. Either way we lose our talented students either to foriegn universities or to mental disorders while some non desrving students get admission because of reservation. I admit that minorities needed reservations at some point of time but is it still so the case in our country. I dont think so

Do minoroties(on the basis of caste) need reservations anymore

And even if there has to be reservation isnt gender( for women and for LGBTQ community) or income level a better basis to provide reservations. 

Active Member Registered
Joined: 2 weeks ago
Posts: 120
May 15, 2019 5:29 pm  

Yes reservation should be removed as this hinders the people who actually deserve to be at top by the people who actually dont deserve. But get a place in top because of being in some community .

New Member Registered
Joined: 1 week ago
Posts: 5
May 21, 2019 1:50 pm  

reservations were given for the deprieved sections of the society, at one point it is a really good way to bring equality among the people, but on the other hand such sections may not seem to make a good use of the system. according to me reservations should be given but only to the people who deserve it. what is the point of giving free seats to a lower class child whose father is earning in crores and taking away the opportunity from a poor or middle classes child studying under an oil lamp.


New Member Registered
Joined: 5 days ago
Posts: 15
May 21, 2019 6:01 pm  

Yes, obviously it was started to do something good and it has accomplished for what it has been started, and now this has to end.   


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