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The Packaging is Not Only an Industry its a science  


David Fisher
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April 30, 2019 12:23 pm  

The changing life styles and changing trends have totally changed the living standards that we had in the past. There were many things that were not as important in our lives as they are now. The packaging can also be considered one of those things. In the past, no one paid attention to making the packaging beautiful. But now the appearance of the packaging is the main thing that we should pay attention to. The standards and the design of the Custom Packaging have totally changed over the course of some years.

The science behind the Packaging Boxes

If we look at the past, the packaging industry was not as developed as it is today. Also, the packaging companies were not as famous as they are now. These things have changed with time and now the packaging industry has become one of the biggest industries in the world. There are countless packaging industries that are set up all over the world and supplying the packaging boxes for any kind of product.

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There are many reasons for the packaging boxes to become famous. Most of these reasons are the result of the demands of the industry as well as the customers. The Printed packaging should not be considered as only an industry because there are many points that can prove that there is a science behind the packaging. You can also say that there are many things that make the packaging the most important part of the packaging. Therefore, you can not consider the packaging just an industry because there is a science in the packaging of the products.

There are many things that made the packaging so famous that nowadays the products are considered incomplete without some good boxes for packaging

  • Need for Protection

The first factor that made the printed packaging Sydney famous is the need for protection of the product. In the past, the packaging used for the products were of low quality and because of that, the percentage of the damaged products was quite large. This became the main reason for the companies to pay attention to making the packaging more secure than before. The damage caused by many different factors resulted in heavy loss for the companies and caused dissatisfaction among the customers.

But if we look at the packaging boxes which are available today, you can easily see that the packaging boxes are now made with a specific goal for protecting the product. The Wholesale packaging Australia are now widely used by the product manufacturing companies to that the product can reach safely to the customer without any kind of damage. Now the percentage of damaged products has reduced all thanks to the high quality packaging boxes available today. This has also allowed the companies to keep a reasonable margin in the profits that they can get because of the durable packaging box.

Image result for packaging boxes

  • Need for Marketing

The science behind making the packaging more presentable and of high quality is because of ease of marketing through the product packaging. In the past, the packaging was considered a thing of secondary importance and no one paid enough attention to the packaging. The methods used for the purpose of marketing were quite expensive and that reduced the profits that the companies were generating from their products. But the innovation in the packaging industry has made sure that the marketing can be done in the easiest way. You can easily use the packaging for the purpose of marketing just by easy printing and designing the packaging according to the customer demands.

The packaging can also be used for the purpose of brand promotion. Now the companies are using the most cost effective way for the brand promotion using Custom packaging boxes Melbourne and this can save the companies the additional cost that they have to spend on the marketing. The packaging can be printed with the logo or name of the company and the customer can easily remember the brand once he buys the product. The packaging can help the customer in recognizing the brand and the company of the product.

  • Need for Attracting the Customers

Another science behind the increasing popularity of the packaging is that the packaging is mainly used for attracting the customer. The main goal of the packaging is to catch the attention of the customer so that he can buy the product. The customer visiting the store is unaware of the products of different brands on the shelf. It is the responsibility of the packaging to catch the eye of the customer and attract him to at least has a look at the packaging box. The companies are using the packaging of the product as the silent salesman with the job to convince the customer to buy the product packed in such an elegant packaging design.

Image result for packaging boxes

The customers were attracted towards the product quality more than anything. This was the reason why the packaging was not so important in the past. But now, the quality of the packaging is as important as the quality of the packaging surrounding the product. If we look at the demands of the customers, we can clearly see that they also demand a high quality packaging besides a good quality product. The quality of the product is often judged by the quality of the packaging box of the product.

The development in the packaging industry has made it possible to attract the customers towards the product by using the new packaging designs in the market. Right now, many companies are competing with each other and each company is trying to make a better and unique design for the packaging of their products. The different packaging designs have made it easy for the companies to sell their product to the customer with such ease. Now all the companies are paying special attention towards improving the packaging boxes for their products.

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May 7, 2019 6:46 pm  


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May 15, 2019 5:34 pm  


– The purpose of this paper is to give some recommendations about how to design a low fat food aliment packaging.


– A review of previous studies that have analysed food packaging decisions considering personal and product influences was done.


– For low fat foods, a good or a poor performance is not sufficient; you have to perform better than those competitors whose competitive capacity is strong enough to influence strategic decision taking. Low fat products must be focused to a particular target. A product of these characteristics cannot be launched for all the markets at the same time, and under the same conditions. Some personal factors do really affect food buying process: socio-demographic characteristics (age, gender, income and education), involvement, time pressure or motivation. A possible recommended target for law fat aliments could be: an old/medium age women, with a medium/high economic position, educated, involved in food buying and worried about health. Some packaging factors also affect food buying process: colours, graphics, size, shape, typography. In this regard, a package for a low fat aliment could be designed including a picture on the label showing the benefits of the product (i.e. a healthy heart), with green colors, medium/small sizes and natural shapes, without sophistications. An umbrella brand for different firms acting in this market could be created, to facilitate their healthy products identification.


– Personal variables and product characteristics are mixed together to give some recommendations of how an ideal low fat food package should be designed.


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