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Yes indian society should accept it  


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March 28, 2019 10:18 pm  

While the supreme court takes a big move to provide the four categories of people that actually are now surviving as before they just existed as a non accepted people or socially discarded group, there still lie people and societies who are yet to accept the independence and partial freedom provided to the LGBT. The word stands for four different categories of people where L stands for Lesbian B for bisexual G fir gay and T for transgenders 

In a survey by facttank 20% of total the group of people still aren’t happy with the decision and are still unable to accept lgbts with their whole heart. The basic problem lies in the year back prospectives and thoughts made for these categories but today’s generation is much more open minded and openly welcome any kind of human race, category, sex and creed irrespective of all the minute wall of difference created in the old generations. Hence, the society should now understand that the lgbt owe the same right, opportunities as the other categories of human. To bring in to light you must have seen i didn’t use the word normal people for the other straight category people of our society which is a general naming culture of our society.  Let me ask why this world NORMAL to others and not LGBT aren’t they stable aren’t they normal what does calling NORMAL to a particular group means? Aren’t the LGBT group nailing it in the fashion world aren’t they slaying at the televisions why is the condition still prevailing that the people belonging to this group are still ashame to accept and declare themselves as what they actually are? 

The answer is clear the only thing is the society taunts and comments,their non acceptance and their behaivour change.

It’s high time for the society to realise that it’s the person who decides how to carry himself and with whom irrespective of the nirms made by the year past people. The thinking, the generation, the norms, the LGBTs ‘ talent has changed,they have grown to an ever widening thoughts and actions. Let the best men who are actually not normal but blessed have their rights and are worthy of walking shoulder to shoulder with their NORMAL ordinary group.