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Are you willing to give up on your comfort to look fashionable and stylish?  

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Are you willing to give up on your comfort to look fashionable and stylish?

For me, being comfortable with what I wear is more important than anything. If I do wear something which is uncomfortable just to look fashionable, I would end up looking dull but if I put on something comfy, I can flaunt it more nicely that would make me look GOOD.

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I compromised a lot growing up. Like every other teen growing up, I wanted to be a trend setter. 

Now I’m 21 and I know what clothes suit me, my style and my body. So I dont compromiseuunless there is no other option or really necessary. 

Yes, people should definitely wear what they love. Wear heels if you can walk, wear crop tops if you feel confident but dont go out and then start trying to cover yourself by pulling a crop top. It ruins the entire style, vibe and look. 

Boots, shorts and tube dresses are IBF fashion but wear it only if you can carry it off for sure. 



Comfort is more important.Coming to that,even high heels,if they are hurting my feet,I would not wear them.

I would be happy with myself, rather than going out of my way to impress others.


Comfort wins every time for me. 
Fashion serves the purpose of empowering you and making you feel confident. If you feel that in heels or in sneakers, it doesn’t matter


My comfort is my style and i love to be myself in every situation or at any place. If i m not comfortable, i am not me and that makes no sense for anything i do. 


My answer would be no, but I know it might turn out to be a lie when I see a very resplendent outfit. I wouldn’t spare a second in thinking about my comfort, infact I’d become a greedy pig to just buy it then and there itself. So, fashion sadly outruns the comfort today. 


Comfort always comes first like when you have to go somewhere and spend some 2-3 hours you can compromise but when its about spending 8-9 hours or a full day then being comfortable is key point.


When people hear the word fashion, they always think about those crazy and heavy designs shown on different ramp shows and magazines. It is more than that. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, it suits you well and you can wear it with confidence, then even baggy pants and printed tee becomes a fashion trend.


U look more fashionable and attractive with confidence, if u are not comfortable u can’t look fashionable. 

Samreen jahan


Nope. Definitely not. I am a person who believes that fashion is absolutely about being comfortable from within. If you are not comfortable with your outfit or accessories you can never be able to flaunt it. So whatever you choose to dress up yourself the first thing that you must see is whether you are comfortable and relaxed wearing it.


Yes, I can if I wish to look different but at that level where I can feel even 40% of comfort 


I am a person who loves wearing clothes depending on my comfort level rather than trying to prove a moot fashion statement.

 Anyone can try following the current fashion trends to attempt looking prettier but they only end up sacrificing their comfort and ease in the process.

I believe beauty comes from within , not from outward appearance. Hence, when people wear clothes they are most comfortable in their inner glow shines from within. They basically carry themselves more confidently because that moment they have donned their own skin.

But when people try wearing clothes only to look fashionable they find themselves much more awkward and uncomfortable and thus, lose that confidence which gives them their inherent beauty.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t try meeting the current fashion requirements. But fashion varies depending on people’s tastes and outlooks. Whatever someone wears on a daily basis becomes their fashion statement. A little change is acceptable during special occasions provided we are comfortable with that much amount of change.


I think you need to be comfortable in order to be fashionable. Fashion is not just about what clothes and shoes you wear, but also about how well you carry the outfit. You cannot carry an outfit well if you aren’t comfortable in it. Whenever we see a celebrity, the most attractive thing about them is not their outfits, but the way  the carry it and the ease with which they pull it off. If your outfit isn’t comfortable to you, you will not be able to pull it off. so i think comfort plays a major part in fashion and clothing. 


According to me,

Comfort is more important than fashion and style.

Because being comfort with what your wearing makes you perfect and more beautiful rather than leaving all your comforts for the sake of fashion and style.




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