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Do you like to wear saree?  



Do you like to wear Saree?

4 Answers

I love how I look in Saree. It makes me look elegant, poised, and sexy. But I don’t know how to tie it properly. So, it’s troublesome.

Its troublesome to drape a Saree but once you wear it it looks elegant.


Yes, of course. It is the most graceful outfit for a woman.

Ditipriya Gupta

couldn’t agree more


Saree is India’s heritage and tradition. Above all, if one can carry her Saree she looks elegant d beautiful. 

One who can wear her Saree in the proper way knows how pretty you can look. It’s always not necessary to wear western in order to become modern. A girl in a Saree can look equally modern and elegant. 

So, in short, I love wearing Saree. 


Its so true.


Saree sauntering is like a everyday thing now. Wearing a saree seemed to be a tough affair before, but lately seeing the frenzy for saree I’m too keen to wear it someday.  

Yes, so many people loves Saree.