Where do you usuall…

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Where do you usually buy clothes?  



Do you prefer buying clothes online? If yes why? If No why?
Or you prefer buying it from shops? If yes why? If No why?

7 Answers

I usually prefer online buying because it is  convenient and also good in quality wise. But not all online shopping websites are Worthy. I would like to suggest you to shop from myntra, myntra have good collection of clothes and are budget friendly too 


I don’t like online shopping, because the material looks different, there are size problems, etc.

I buy it offline

I usually go to westside, max for ethnic, forever 21, lifestyle, Zara etc.


I usually first go to the mall and see whether there’s something which i like. If not then i explore online and buy it from online itself. Depends on where i get clothes of my likings. 😋 


Depends my mood. And my bank account, to be honest. If I’m feeling very extra and looking for something comfortable I’d go with H&M and Zara, other days I’d just go hop on metro and go to the local markets and buy a bunch of cheap tshirts. 


I prefer buying things from Vishal Mega Mart!

It is literally a heaven for kanjoos people like me. I don’t know where they get that affordable stuff from. But that’s my last concern.

Until and unless, I am getting two shirts with latest prints for 499Rs., I am all good.

Long live Vishal Mega Mart!


I usually buy and also prefer buying clothes and related stuff from markets and shops rather than online. It’s best if you try the particular outfit yourself and then purchase it, because you have to use for years then, and also other, you will be spending your hard earned money on it, so it should be worth of it.


T shirts I usually buy online as they fit perfectly . Shirts and Jeans I always go to the shops and buy . I prefer shirts from Basic and it is the brand I usually where , it is because their medium size fits like a charm . Jeans I buy from derby as they are much more comfortable compared to other brands and also they have a wide range to choose from.


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