Will ripped jeans e…

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Will ripped jeans ever go out of fashion?  



I think this trend will last for another 10 years or so.

In my opinion,they are already out of fashion.I don’t see people wearing them now.

The only type of ripped jeans that is left in fashion is a black jeans having a slight cut or ripped onto knees.Otherwise they are out of trend and not in fashion any more.

5 Answers

I won’t ever be out of fashion. 


I honestly don’t believe in certain fashionable clothing trends becoming outdated because I feel what matters ultimately is the way we carry that particular clothing or accessory.


I do not think so



It it may be in another 5 years. Its already out of fashion. Nowadays long skirts are coming into fashion style. But the smart trendy look will always be given by ripped jeans and not skirts or one-pieces.


The fact that ripped jeans were  fashionable ever really makes me confused. They don’t look good. I wonder why would torn clothes be fashionable. Ripped jeans are okay if you are a rock band guitarist with crazy hair. You cannot wear ripped jeans to an interview or an official meeting. So I think they are low utility. They can be stylish but not everyone can carry a pair of ripped jeans with the same confidence. So it’s not for everyone and definitely not for me. I have never owned a pair of ripped jeans. 



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