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Do you think youtube is making today's kids mature than their actual age?  




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With the access to all kind of information and continuous media exposure, Kids are maturing before time.

Those apps are not particularly made for children right so who has take care is their parents or guardians.

The youtube channels are getting worst so childrens are becoming worst nowadays


Not only Youtube but also other apps are making today’s kids mature than their age. Providing young kids and teens with phones and internet making them available to watch and learn stuffs that are not necessary in that age. This spoils their mind making them physically as well as mentally destroyed. The fault not only lies with the internet but also with parenting.



YouTube just give the free access so it has really nothing to do with it. Who is responsible is the guardians. I suppose.


Yes it does. Kids can see a lot of videos and tune their brains. Videos are usually more useful than just words, it makes learning fun and the kids will always be excited to watch a video. Videos are made in such a way that they are glued to the children’s mind and it does workout in most of the cases. It does influence the kid a lot and has a huge impact in them gaining their knowledge through this platform. 


Yes absolutely. YouTube has become such easily accessible entertainment platform that even small kids know exactly how to operate it. Sadly, it doesn’t have any filter as such to protect children from watching something that they are not supposed see at such young age. 18+ contents are filtered but I don’t think that is enough. 


   yes I totally agree.

But it is not just  YouTube, there are other things as well which is making them too mature too early.

 A person’s surrounding inspires them to choose the content which they watch in YouTube.  Parents can act as regulators for children to watch limited and good content.


Today children have access to variety of content which their ancestors did not have the privilege to access to. Any information is easily available to us with the some few clicks. The exposure they get and information they receive is developing a sense of maturity among children. Visual content of Youtube is certainly helping in this. Therefor I really feel that Youtube is making today’s kids mature than their actual age.


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