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Do you think YouTube makeup tutorials are really doable?  




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Some of the makeup looks on YouTube are crazy although they look good . These are doable but I think that  one should have that passion required to do them otherwise you’ll simply get frustrated and quit if it does not turn out good or as per what was shown in the video . Although I admire these makeup artists who create these looks , I could care less about makeup in general . 😀 



Yeah I learnt makeup from these videos. 

The first time I applied makeup, I actually looked like a beggar who has not had a bath for say 2 weeks, but, gradually, my work became better. 

And now I know how to apply makeup pretty well and mostly everyone from my family ask me to help them get ready for a function or so. 


Yes youtube makeup videos are doable and I had tried them and learned a lot of hacks.

If you are a beginner and directly jump onto professional makeup videos, trust me everything will go above your head. Start with simple videos and perform the steps side by side. This will help you to get a hold on what they are explaining and eventually you will want to see more of such videos. 



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