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What are some famous YouTube Channels for Fashion?  



What are some famous YouTube Channels for Fashion?

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According to my research here are some famous fashion youtubers
Zoella: She is a London Based Youtuber who has created best known beauty and fashion vlogs(video logs) in the world. Thousands of new people watch her hilarious relatable vlogs and subscribe to her channel on daily basis.
Bethany Mota(It is a household brand name with gaining international fame on Youtube ): She is a Mexican and Portuguese Fashion Influencer who rose to fame with her funny and bubbly personality and her amazing videos.
Michelle Phan: She is been on YouTube for over a decade and her content consists of makeup tutorial, DIY’s and fashion tutorial videos.
Chriselle Lim: She is an Asian-American beauty and one of the Ultimate Youtube Fashion Icons. Her channel is growing at a great pace and her content is edited and narrated humourously narrated.


Fashion is the way to make you different among the crowd, A good personality also needs a good dressing sense to maintain his/ her royal decorum into the society. Fashion is a popular style, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body. A fashion can become the prevailing style in behaviour or manifest the newest creations of  designers,  technologists, engineers, and  design managers. On others hands few Youtube channels monitored by different fashion companies also give a regular update on the coming trends of fashion which can be helpful for maintaining a good dressing sense . Few of the top channels are described ,

Top Fashion Youtube channels Worldwide

1. stoprocentTV

2. DC Shoes

3. Chanel

4. Christian Dior

5. smokestorygroup

6. Victoria’s Secret

7. Louis Vuitton

8. Levi’s


10. H&M

Top Fashion Youtube channels in India

1. AJIO Life

2. Max Fashions

3. Manyavar

4. Van Hewsen India

5. Kalyan Jewellers

6. Peter England

7. Raymond Ltd

8 . TanishqJewellery

9. fbb

10. Titan Watches


Fashion is widely spread on the YouTube and there are so many amazing YouTubers you can choose as per your style and the ones you relate to the most. They actually can help you in a lot of ways as per your styling is concerned you can use their tips and tricks to better yourself in a lot of ways. They do a lot of reviews so you can pretty much take their advice before purchasing a lot of things as well. I will suggest you to find a YouTuber that motivates you in a good  way and also matches your style or body type.

In India these YouTubers are the best you can follow for fashion tips-













Fashion has evolved drastically from the late ’90s to present times. This winter, get your looks and wardrobe upgraded and yet save yourself from the bitter cold! Take inspiration from these role models that have spun the wheel on fashion in India, as well as overseas! My top recommendations

1. Sejal Kumar – ( https://www.youtube.com/user/sejalkumar7 )

Her style is casual and chic. The perfect girl next door vibe with a twist and lots of chunky sweater and belts!

2. Komal Pandey – ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx2JNgWJPPTBODN-U56O-tg )

Komal is a blessing in disguise! From wacky challenges for fashion under a budget to her classy bold lip, middle hair part and silver statement pieces, this girl will inspire you to pull off the weirdest clothes and manage to look like a badass!

Other channels –

3. Scherezade Shroff – ( https://www.youtube.com/user/scherezadeshroff )

4. Roshni Bhatia – ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCANPgYLnoXKr7FErKddQVkg )

5. Sydne Summer – ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6bTdQ3wUGJ7kEFDAdFQUQw )
6. Shea Whitney – ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU0k21RR-k7Zxil6KMs5nsw )


1. Sherry Shroff


This Parsi beauty is one of the most famous faces on the Youtube space and has around 110k Youtube fam. She makes fashion & beauty videos, makeup & hair tutorials, travel vlogs, DIY’s and lots of other fun videos every monday & Friday.

2. Myhappinesz


Myhappinesz is not just another Beauty channel, its more about adding the jazz and glitter to life through smile and millions of other stuff. Komal believes that all problems in life can be solved by having tons of friends and lots of positivity around. With over 67k subscribers, Komal is the cutest Youtuber you will ever come across!

3. Debasree Banerjee


Bengali beauty Debasree Banerjee makes makeup, beauty and lifestyle videos. You will find her talking about makeup, answering all of your skincare questions and talking about all the “unspoken beauty” things on her channel. It is basically “all she needs” to know curated into one space!

 4. The Snob Journal


Aashna Shroff is a fashion blogger and a Youtuber from Mumbai. Her effortless chic style will have you enamoured. Find lots of Lookbooks, Clothing Hauls and makeup tutorials on her channel for a fashion and beauty makeover. She is currently an inspiration for around 35k people on the YouTube space.

5. Sjlovesjewelry


Shreya from sjlovesjewelry is just the girl next door with a passion for makeup and fashion! Her channel is great for those who are looking for budget makeup tutorials. With around 100k fambam on the YouTube space, she is one of the best when it comes to makeup!



Pretty Little Things is a YouTube Channel born out of shared love between two best friends, Aakriti and Shaurya who love everything similar. With around  50k fans on the Youtube space, watch out their space for a lot of fun, drama, cuteness, hauls, fashion updates, gossip and beauty tips.

7. Sejal Kumar


Sejal kumar is the new face of fashion and lifestyle Youtubing. In a very short span of time, she has successfully managed to create an audience  of around 31k on the Youtube space. She creates Fashion and Lifestyle videos and throws in some bits about her everyday life in her videos.

8. Kritika Khurana


Wanderlust boho chick at heart, fashion blogger Kritika Khurana  of thatbohogirl is one of the known faces of fashion industry. She makes videos on fashion, makeup and beauty and inspires an audience of 16k on the Youtube space.


9. Delhi Fashion Blogger


Komal from Delhi Fashion Blogger is professional Indian fashion, lifestyle and beauty Youtuber. She produces beauty, fashion, D.I.Y and self-help videos! With around 46k Youtube fam, you can find some festive inspiration for hair, makeup and outfits from her channel

  • Real Men Real Style.
  • Busbee Style.
  • Jordan O’Brien.
  • Drew Scott.
  • Fiorella.
  • Jenn Im.
  • Tess Christine.
  • Alex Costa.

There are many Youtubers from whom one can take tips to enhance one’s wardrobe and better your fashion sense in a lot of ways. It’s hard to keep track of changing fashion trends these days and these Youtubers provide just amazing looks and fashion hacks which keeps you stylish. Some famous fashion influencers are :

  • Chriselle Lim: She is an Asian-American beauty and her channel is growing at breakneck speed. Her videos are humorously narrated and she basically reveals how to transform basic clothing apparels into stylish ones. Refer the link to check out her amazing fashion videos. https://huntsends.com/chriselle-lim-fashion
  • Ingrid Nelen: She showcases some cute and chic looks and makeup hacks which are a boon for the young generation. Her youtube channel Missglamorazzi is very popular and you can have a look at her videos through the link.                        https://huntsends.com/ingrid-nilsen-fashion
  • Zoella: She is a London based fashion blogger and creates some amazing festive vlogs and makeup looks. You can watch her videos here. https://huntsends.com/zoella-fashion-youtuber


Youtube has helped me in many things and fashion is one of them.

Indian channels that have personally helped me and I want to recommend :

1) BeerBiceps: Ranveer has done a wonderful job here. The only jacket that I own is on the recommendation of this guy.

2) UrbanGabru: These guys are amazing. Their videos always have something to learn. 

3) Mayank Bhattacharya: He has a channel called Men’s Essential and its goddamn best. I learned what fashion actually is from him. Enough said.

All of them have English as well as  Hindi channels.

The fashion channels that I watch internationally :

1) Alpha.M: Aaron Marino is a guy who can solve all your fashion problems provided your willing to work hard. 

2) Teaching mens fashion: Two brothers working hard only for us to look good and I will be damn if someone says that they are not doing a good job.

So, here is my list of the famous and actually helpful channel for fashion that I watch. I have no idea for the ladies so forgive me.



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