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[Sticky] What are your reviews on huntsends Latest video?  



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It’s a good video as it shows the famous Juhu Beach, for those who haven’t been there. Juhu Chowpatty Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai, and it has been clearly shown what fun one can have when present there. 

About the food, it is amazing. There is a food hub for all the foodies who want to enjoy street food on Juhu Beach. The most delicious thing you can have there is Pav Bhaji. They use a lot of butter which makes the bun or pav even more tastier, and they serve it with sliced onion. You can’t have something more delicious than this.

If you have an apartment and you get a nice view of the beach, it is one of the best things you will want in your life. The music used in the video totally syncs with the theme, and the photography and recording is also done perfectly with the best use of light and camera settings. 


It is good video. It shows beach and it has good music in the background. The girl video is also looking good and by her expression we can see how happy she is and how she is enjoying in Juhu beach. Then she tells what all can you eat here and it shows how one can enjoy in Juhu beach by eating tasty food all around. So by seeing this video we should all visit Juhu beach ones in life and live the fulliest and eat the tasty food around.


It is a happy video of the famous Juhu beach located in Mumbai. Juhu Beach is an iconic tourist spot and is a perfect getaway to savor some scenic beauty. The beach has cool and serene atmosphere with flavorful dishes to gorge on. The video perfectly showcases this beautiful beach, with its sun-kissed shoreline and various food stalls. The bright smile of the girl, her carefree attitude, and the fun she is having truly inspires me also to visit this place. 

The food dishes were wide ranged from the buttery pav bhaji, tangy gol gappa to south indian dosa. To beat the heat, chuski is at your rescue. Juhu beach is a perfect place to enjoy at your hearts content. 



The video is good.The girl is pretty expressive.But I think the food stalls and the places near to the beach can be given little more space in the video.



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