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[Solved] What do you think about YouTube's recent guidelines?  



What are your opinions about YouTube’s guidelines?

2 Answers

The guidelines set by YouTube is good, as it will filter out all the fake channels which used to steal other’s content and upload it in their channel just to earn money. This way many fake youtube channels have also been terminated. And due to the new 1000 subscribers and 4000 hr watch time mark, it became a lot more harder for the small youtubers, they need to work more harder than before to achieve it.


However the new MONETIZATION CRITERIA has turned down many new YouTuber’s confidence but, the new policy has been another strong foundation brick for YouTube. In the coming years, as we can see YouTube is going to be the next revolution replacing cable and DTH connections from many houses.

With such broad and large level goal, the guidelines and policies need to be strict and reliable at the same time.

Along with the new guidelines, YouTube’s algorithms have also been updated with which people are able to reach wider audience groups.

Change was needed and steps were taken, any new step seems to be critical at the beginning. Agreeing to the loopholes still present in the guidelines and policies, it can be said as a 60/40 ratio of it’s success and dislikeness.

But we need to remember, ‘Rome was not built in a day.’