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What exactly happened between pewdiepie and t-series?  



What exactly happened between pewdiepie and t-series?

3 Answers

T-series and Pewdiepie are fighting for the number one spot in the youtube for most subscribed channel. Currently, Pewdiepie is leading by 25000 subscribers. The battle includes many YouTubers rallying for their favourite channel and some even made diss tracks.
You can see the live subscriber count here—>


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, popularly known as PEWDIEPIE, has been the undisputed king of youtube since he became the most subscribed youtube channel since December 23 2013. He currently has almost 85 million subscribers and is still growing. He has dethroned even the youtbe category “Gaming” which has 81 million subscriber.

But it seems like his days of being the most subscribed channel is about to end as the popular Indian music channel T-Series is about to dethrone him in a matter of days. T-Series currently is only 70000 thousand subscriber behind. 

Pewdiepie has got a huge support from various youtubers like markiplier, jacksepticeye, jake paul, mr.beast being some of the most notable names. His fans from all all around the globe are doing their part to help him, from distributing posters, to hacking printers, to spreading the word everywhere they go “subscribe to pewdiepie”. Even Elon mask have come out in support of pewdiepie. But even with all these support, it seems like he will eventually be dethroned from the spot of No. #1 by T-Series in a matter of days.


T-series never started the fight. It’s PewDiePie who exaggerated it. Now there’s a competition of who gets most subscribers. Later PewDiePie dissed T-series. In reaction to that an Indian YouTuber Carryminati dissed him back which has amplified the fight.