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What was the last YouTube video you watched?  



What was it?

I watched the latest video on Roman Atwood’s vlog channel. 

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Malhar, St. Xavier’s college.

Ah okay. Nice! 


I am forcing my brain to remember the last video I would have seen, but it is blank.

This is the reality of youtube. We end up watching so much in one go that we don’t remember anything.

Coming back to your question, I would have to first check my youtube history.

Okay! I have found out. It is a video from ‘Wired’ titled Priyanka Chopra, Rebel Wilson and Adam Device answer the web’s most searched questions.

In this video, these three celebrities would answer most searched questions about them on Google. Nothing new! Same old concept which has been done to death. Alas!


Lol yea so true about YouTube .


The last video I watched on YouTube was Kota Factory EP-05. Kota Factory is a black and white web series that tastefully portrays how dull life becomes for students in the higher secondary classes. They are under extreme pressure to perform well in boards and also crack entrances.


The last video I watched was titled “WTF Bollywood songs part 2” on a channel named Triggered Insaan.

It was just a suggestion which got opened due to mis-touch on screen but I ended up enjoying it. 😂

Good to know! 


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