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When do you use youtube?  



When do you use youtube?

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Always,  for my study purpose. Every possible study material is present in Youtube. 



Probably all the time.

Whenever I catch a break from my schedule, I plug in my earphones and put up youtube in my phone.

There are wide varieties of things that I watch on Youtube starting from music, tv episodes, funny sketches and what not.

In my opinion after the internet became cheaper than what it used to be, Youtube has seen a massive boost in the user numbers. It also seems more addictive than facebook, instagram or anyother social media.

Youtube is a means to a nice time after a hectic day.

Anytime when I’m free, like in the break, or at home when I’m not in a mood to do some work, I just start browsing and watching videos on YouTube.

YouTube is a huge video-sharing platform, it hosts a lot of videos for different categories which are available to the audience. It can also be used as a search engine for tutorials, unboxing, support, walkthroughs, assistance, knowledge, reviews and what not.

Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, destroy a lot of our time and we indulge in these activities with ease. We don’t think twice before sharing posts and other things with others. If you use this technology to avail benefit, you’ll definitely get it, like I said in one of my posts on the use of technology. The link is below, do read the post.


Life Hack : Subscribe to some of the informative channels on YouTube and start browsing videos on YouTube everytime instead of wasting your time on social media.


Subscribe to some of the informative channels and open YouTube once everytime you go scrolling through your feed.

It would definitely help you.



Everytime, infact i mostly use youtube when i don’t  understand anything I use youtube, when i want to listen new music then i run toward youtube, when I bored then I uesd youtube. It means i used youtube all the time. I love youtube.


youtube is a huge platform offering tons of services ranging from entertainment to knowledge gathering and sharing.

with the help of youtube, one can spend his/her leisure time doing a lot of things like studying, watching videos related to anything, from current affairs to movies.

youtube as a platform has provided a lot of people livelily hood.

for example, consider the channel scoopwhoop is an entertainment based channel which creates wide ranges of videos which people can associate with their day to day incidents but in a funny manner.

I generally watch videos to complete my assignment and if you have heard about the game PUBG then you’ll understand what I am talking about.



Almost everything is covered by previous answers. I just want to add the critically informative channels like Vox, Bloomsberg, etc where you can see a short and and very well explained global event or situation.



Youtube is such an amazing and diverse platform that I use it all the time. I use it to listen to songs, I use it in the gym, I use it to understand some college work, I use it to learn new DIYs. 

Our lives basically revolve around social media platforms. 


YouTube is the only social media platform I use on a regular basis . I watch YouTube videos when I’m at home and free and bored . YouTube is also my source of entertainment while having lunch and dinner and sometimes breakfast too when I’m not in a hurry to reach college .



I probably use youtube when I want to learn something new and different.It can be your best friend.You can learn cooking,fitness and much more things here.I use youtube during 10 pm to 11:3. Pm and i watch many interesting things on youtube.



In my free time and also i regularly follow few youtubers



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