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Which youtube channel is best for its inspirational videos?  



Which youtube channel is best for its inspirational videos?

14 Answers

Without a doubt a name in everyone’s mouth SANDEEP MAHESHWARI motivational king. His video is like if  one started watching then he /she keeps on watching it for long,  he makes everyone travel into his world of imagination #positive vibes and forget about everything else such a motivational king I get  means watching this is like a relief  as  you get from a trip after a buzy schedule  Amazing YouTubers. Ya one more thing while going through his videos must watch his own life story once than throughout your life you surely make him your motivational king.

Beside this their are other you tube channels also can’t comment about them just because I won’t go through  them. So can’t say how they are  just recommend you what I preferrred


Sandip maheshwari’s channels are most inspiring. He is a inspiration for youth and for evry generation.


If you are looking for a motivation for gym then gym legion is the best one out there. 

If you are looking for some motivation to cope up with the emotions then I must say there is no one better then Sandeep Maheshwari.



According to me the best motivational youtube channel’s are:

1. Sandeep Maheshwari- This guy is a holy grail for all those who seek and lack motivation. You guys can go and subscribe to his youtube channel to stay motivated and positive in life. I personally watch this videos whenever i feel low sometimes. So i highly recommend his videos

2. Himmesh Maddan-This guy is highly innovative and creative when it comes to movtivation, he can seek motivation from almost everything . This guy has a solution to every problem and an advice for every obstacle. So open up you tube and go get you solutions to problems.




Undoubtedly Sandeep Maheshwari’s. Especially if you’re a student or a budding enterprenuer or any other struggling person who has had some frequent failures in recent times and in a need of some inspiration then Maheshwari’s platform is the best I can recommend. His own life has been full of struggle and now, being the founder and CEO of Imagesbazaar, and a motivational speaker, he often organises seminars and sessions in which he shares his own experiences with the audience, and that has proved to be quite useful for them. Must be useful for you too. Give it a try.

Here’s a link to one of his videos. 


I would without a shadow a doubt recommend Mr. SANDEEP MAHESHWARI’S channel for inspirational videos. Although , I’d not recommend it for motivation as the aim of his videos is not to hype you up with motivation.


Talking about Indian YouTube channel, Sandeep maheshwari’s channel is the best motivational channel so far.

Not ignoring that there are other motivational channels as well. But he connects dot and talk in language the youngsters can understand.  

Also even before jio it was the most viewed and subscribed channel.


People always wants to be get inspired by others so that they can do something in their life that they want to and fir this they should and must follow an inspirational leader  who will guide them in each and every stage of their life so that they will be able to achieve everything that they want to and will achieve their Goals. The best inspirational videos are of Sandeep Maheswari. Sandeep Maheswari is one of the best inspirational teacher for the youths, he inspires about each and every topic, most of the youths follow Sandeep Maheswari to get inspired. One must always be follow a good and the best inspirational leader so that he or she can get the best inspirational advices. Do follow Sandeep Maheswari for the best inspirational videos.

Shall we shall


I think, YouTube is a great place to learn things either be it motivational, new things or something interesting and creative. Life Motivational speech or videos I love to see the most are Jay Shetty’s. He’s been my number 1 inspiration and  driving force so far. His videos would be around 11-12 mins and he is bang on. His facts and truths are just such an inspiration that you start to fall in love with them. Just before you start your day, one video of his would make it complete. 😇 


In terms of life and just motivational speeches, the one i relate most to and who really makes a difference to me is Jay Shetty. 


1. Sandeep Maheshwari-He face many problems to Achieve a Big Success, he was start no of work but every time gives Failure. But every time he think Positive and says one word “Aasan Hai” or this one word makes him CEO of  imagesbaazar . Today His  Company Yearly Revenue: $174,060 USD. His official youtube Channel  has more than 8 Million subscribers & Millions of views.

2. Vivek Bindra – He is a Great motivator.! I am following  him from last 2 year. I most like his repeating best thoughts that force me to think about. He is a professional motivational speaker,Business coach .He  is a Founder and CEO of Global Academy for consulting and training (Global ACT). He got many awarded as “The Best Corporate Trainer in India” by Maruti Suzuki, The Best Motivational Speaker in India” by The International Association of Lion’s Club.

Robin Kumar


I like to watch videos by Jay Shetty . He has a way of putting things in an unexpected but a sensible way . His words and the way he puts them has a way of touching one’s heart strings . 

There are other good channels for inspirational videos but I can relate to him the most .



My top three on youtube are-

Lavendaire,Jasmine Lipska,Study with Jess

Though I’ve  only seen a couple of Jay Shetty’s videos on other social media platforms,but seems pretty good too.


For some reason I find TEDTalks very helpful and inspirational. I always find some thing or the else helpful it. Be it any type of motivation nam looking for. They are just wonderful.