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Who is the most famous Youtuber ?  



Who is the most famous Youtuber ?

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At over 551 million subscribers, the 20 most popular YouTubers have roughly 224 million more viewers than the entire U.S. population. If the top 20 are any indication, YouTube will continue to grow, reaching wider global audiences with each passing year. Brazil, Sweden, Spain, and Ireland are just a few of the countries represented by the world’s most popular YouTubers.

1.  PEWDIEPIE- 78M Subscribers

Felix Kjellberg is the most followed influencer on all of YouTube. His channel PewDiePie has 78 million subscribers and includes Let’s Play Videos and commentary videos addressing various topics. The Swedish gamer is one of the richest Youtube millionaire earning a reported $12 million each year. 

 2.DUDE PERFECT – 37M Subscribers

A group of sports and comedy fanatics, Coby, Cory, Garrett, Cody, and Taylor launched Dude Perfect in 2009. The channel quickly shot to fame after routinely uploading trick shots and stunts to YouTube. With a viral video and a rapid increase in followers, the group caught the attention of professional athletes and sports organizations, which turned into a string of world records, endorsements, multiple apps, a published book, and a TV show.




According to numbers from all over the world Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie a Swedish YouTuber and is best known for his YouTube content with approximately 83 million and counting subscribers worldwide. And from India there is a channel of T-series with the replica of YouTube subscribers.

The subscriber’s race is going on all over the world where everyone is participating to support those two YouTube Channels.

And in India here are some names of the most famous YouTubers

Amit Bhadana,

Bhuvan Bam,

Technical guruji,

Ashish Chanchlani.

But when it comes to content creation all them are best!


Indian is a country whose heart is very big.There are so many YouTuber and all are loved by Indians as well as outsider.But in my opinion the best channel is bhuvan bam’s channel “BB ki vines”.Bhuvan bam is the first youtuber to crossed 10 million subscriber.He played all the character himself and all are unique and funny in own way.But we need to be remember all the youtubers are best in their own way.


Pewdiepie is most famous youtuber 


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