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[Solved] Who is the most popular youtuber today?  



Who is the most popular youtuber today?

13 Answers

PewDiePie practically invented the genre of gaming videos on Youtube!

Before him, people only made videos of themselves and others in the context for making people laugh or spreading some news.

Then came gaming. Sure, his oldest video dates back to 5 years but he’s been around for much longer. He deleted many of his old videos. Like most YouTubers, he deleted his oldest videos. This was an impossible field at the time due to the lack of people on YouTube and resources. For example, finding a good screen recorder, mic, and a camera. But he did it, and he did it well. His commentary format is now used by hundreds of thousands of gaming YouTubers.

But, I’m not a fan. I just follow YouTube closely. The reason for his popularity is the games. He played popular games and contacted developers ahead of release so he could play it first. People decided if they wanted a particular game though him. The fact that he added humor while talking about graphics and character development was a plus. I think that’s why people started watching gaming videos. Not to mention, a large demographic of the world would never have access to certain games or be able to afford them. His channel was free and that set his success in stone.

A lot of people go on his channel and are confused as to why he is so big. But, let’s be real, a person doesn’t get 69 million subscribers by being boring. You have to understand that in the thousands of videos he made, there is something for everyone. What really matters is the type of games you’re into.

So nicely answered.


Maybe PewdiePew?




So at this point of time there individual creator with most subscribes is Pewdiepie with around 80M+ subs and then comes the Tseries team..

And if we talk of Indian creators so the top ones are


these three channels have already crossed 10M subs in 2018 and there are many more channels that are going to hit 10M soon. After the Jio effect there is a great boom in youtube , and other channels that are my favourate are carry minati , mumbiker nikhil , dynamo gamming , mostly sane.

Go check them all out

Cheers 🍻

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There are many You-tubers from India who have made it to the million club. But some of them belong to a particular company or organization and that way their channels does not belong to a single person.some of the you tubers which i know are the most popular are:-

BB Ki Vines (belongs to Bhuvam Bam) (Comedy blogger),Nisha Madhulika (Chef-Cooking videos),Tanmay Bhat (AIB Channel),Sanam Puri (Singer), Sandeep Maheshwari (Motivational speaker),Shruti Arjun Anand (Fashion and beauty channel) and TVF Series.so these are some of the youtuber i know are famous.



This is a very subjective question. The most popular YouTuber today is different to different people. For people with love for make up, it’s Jeffree Star, for people who follow mukbangs, it can be Nikocado Avocado, for people who love to watch DIYs, it’s LaurDIY, for people wanting to just relax and have a goof laugh, BB vines and Zakir Khan never disappoints them. Mr. Beast, The Try Guys, and most of all, PewDiePie are other YouTubers that are influencing masses by not just putting up good content, but also speaking up for things others refrain themselves from. So yeah, the most popular YouTube star today must be the one who influences people to do the right thing and change the pattern and mentality of billions.



The YouTube family is not a small group of channels, so it’s almost impossible to justify the most popular channels as it depends on what you want  If you are into comedy then definitely BB Ki Vines, MostSane, ScoopWhoop, AIB are some of the most popular ones. In make-up there’s JeffreStarr, Tati, Shreya Jain are popular. VahChef, Get Curried are some of the popular food channels amongst many others. 

Bb is best


If you are asking popular in India then, Most popular Indian YouTube creators are Bhuvan Bam(BB ki vines), Amit Bhadana(Amit Bhadana), Ashish Chanchlani(Ashish Chanchlani Vines), Prajakta Koli(MostlySane), Harsh Beniwal(Harsh Beniwal), Gaurav Chaudhary(Technical Guruji), Praval Sharma(Sharmaji Technical), Ashwin (C4Etech),etc..






PewDiePie and tseries,

But in india, its bb, amit bhandana.



It has to be pewdiepie worldwide. Along with him for the indian audience it has to be bb ki vines and amit bhadana


Pewdiepie internatnally and BB in india


The most popular youtuber is bhuvan bam he is one of the famous youtuber in the world.

rohit rameshan