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Who's your favorite your Youtuber: Bhuvan Bam or Ashish Chanchalani?  



Who’s your favorite Youtuber: Bhuvan Bam or Ashish Chanchalani?

Mine is Bhuvan Bam and yours?

Both are good in Their genres, both have grown over really short period of time although Bhuvan bam is better in my perspective as he is the one that is working since a long time and without any experience or background on the other hand Ashish chanchlani comes from a background related to media, movies and theatres

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I am a mad follower of Indian Youtubers. I spend most of my leisure times watching different kind of videos on Youtube. Here, both Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchalani are no doubt one of the best creators out there in India. Both of them cross many up and downs on their way, where they are now. But, to me, Bhuvan Bam is a little bit ahead than Ashish, because you can find always a different taste in Bhuvan’s content. Most of his videos, ideas are so unique. And also don’t forget that he also plays differnt roles all by himself. And that’s not a joke! So, if you give me one apple and told me to give it to either one of the, I will always give it to Bhuvan. But, I love both of their videos. Please don’t think that I hate Ashish Chanchalani!


Bhuvan bam



Bhuvan came in this industry earlier than Ashish, but the content Ashish creates is so relatable that I like his work more than Bhuvan’s. 


For me it is Bhuvan Bam. He is a guy who has created so many characters and makes mockery of them through normal lifes. And his videos are very short but they are so impactful, which shows the amount of creativity he puts in his content. And to remind he does his videos with a normal mobile camera.


Both are good but my favorite is Bhuvan Bam because he makes videos in one room and he dp everuevery all aloma which should be appreciated.


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