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How to one make money through YouTube as a beginner?  



How to one make money through YouTube as a beginner?

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Here are a few ways YouTubers earn money – 

1. Advertisements.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

3. Promoting your business (Not a direct way but it can be of some help).

4. Donations and Crowdfunding.

But to earn from any of the above methods you must have a descent Subscriber base and that takes time. But still don’t let this hold you back if you really want to earn money by YouTube just start making videos and you’ll learn the rest in the journey.


If you’ve just started, you can’t. To make money through Youtube, you need to link your YouTube account with Google Adsense. However to have your account even reviewed, you need to have at least 4,000 hours of your videos watched and a 1,000 subscribers, which doesn’t seem much, but it a really difficult threshold to reach since there are loads and loads of channels in YouTube with videos on every subject/topic/genre. 

So find ways to make your videos different, entertaining but hold onto what makes you unique because that is what will make your channel unique. 

Once you’re reviewed by YouTube and Adsense, you will be paid according to the number of viewers who click on the ads that play before your video. So for every viewer who clicks on the ad, Youtube gets $0.20 roughly. So if every 1 in 100 viewers clicks on an add, for every 1000 views, youtube makes $2 roughly which later translates to you with deductions. 


Every minute very much channels are being created. Also YouTube are making policies strict for the new YouTube creators like no monetisation before 4000 hours watch time ,1000 subsribers and many policies. As a new creator you should not expect any revenue for at least 100 videos. Yet your luck can turn around and you could make revenue before that too. You should focus on your content and also there should be bonding between your viewers.


As a beginner you must not expect more money. You just need to concentrate on your content, thumbnail, and the video quality. Research what your viewers are expecting from you don’t make your video more informative and boring. Make your videos in a little funny way because most of the viewer are looking for a funny videos. The more subscribers you get the more you gain money.


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