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How do you make money by uploading videos?What are the minimum views required?

1 Answer

The minimum view count today is 10,000 for the entire channel.

But Earning money is not only getting more Views on your video, It’s much more that that.

See first of all it depends on your Subscriber strength and primary views.

If you are not using any kind of advertisement for your video promotion, then the easiest way to earn is by your organic views that come s from your subscribers.

  • Then comes, your ad quality i.e, the quality of ads you choose to display on your channel.

This is very important because some ads will give you as high as 0.50$ per view while some will give as low as $0.01

But it sometimes also differ from country to country. Look at the image below.

Image result for youtube ads pay highest ctr

So you must choose wisely. And Yes, YouTube does allow you use the type of ads you want to show.

However there might be a problem if you dont have  enough traffic on your channel. 

  • Next comes ad format ..

Here are some  of the ads formats , YouTube currently gives to show.

For me, In stream Skippable & In-display ads works best. However it may differ as pe you content type.

Related image

  • And the most important is the Quality of Content you produce. 

—> If you want to succeed that give your 100%.. Produce Quality Content, Choose Ads wisely and place Ads on you channel carefully and finally share it as much as possible to get the best results.


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