New York is one of most the fascinating place in the world, with huge number of people, lifestyles, culture and food. There are many scenic places
that can be visited in New York to make your trip exciting. The places in New York are always energetic and are elegant with their beauty.
Statue of liberty
This fascinating beauty of New York is every traveller’s dream. This statue is the symbol of freedom and integrity. It was sculptured in 1886, and is a
true beacon of New York since then. The torch that is ablaze around 30 feet overhead the ground is
the emblem of enlightenment in the world. The official name of the statue is Liberty Enlightening the

Grand Central Terminal
The other alluring place in New York is the Grand Central Terminal which is one of the most
ancient architectures. The architecture represents the innovative creativity of the
men who carved it into such a beautiful place. The retail stores and the dining restaurants here
are truly unique in their beauty.
High Line
This alluring place embarks the true beauty of river Hudson by running alongside it. The
Flora here is truly amazing. This rail-road turned park is now endowed with its natural green vibes which enhances its beauty. The mini forest Chelsea Thicket is full of
nature’s amazing experience and definitely should be visited.
Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge provides a path for the pedestrians so they can walk having any worries of being hit by a running car. Elevated above the ground, Brooklyn Bridge which connects Brooklyn to Manhattan, sculptured
in 1964 is an evidence of the engineering thoughts in archaic periods. This bridge is the most attractive
bridge in New York. One can also have a great view of rivers by walking on this bridge. It truly embraces you with its beauty without any price tags.


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