What comes to your mind when someone says “desserts”? Are you one of the people who will choose chocolate based last course over anything else, any day? Yeyy! Welcome to the gang. We are the ones who truly know that everything else other than chocolate is simply overrated. Chocolate has no match. And also, are you someone who likes experimenting with different flavours and taste buds? As long as you have got a sweet tooth, it’s not a problem. Even then, you know that chocolate is either the key ingredient or simply a garnishing tool in most of the desserts. And why shouldn’t it be? Chocolate is delicious, it blends with anything and everything and it helps increase serotonin in your brain. That means it has the power to make you happy. Win-win, eh?

Since chocolate dominates the world of desserts, trying out different ways to use it as the after food saviour has become a trend. Whether it is a simple family lunch, party, function or even New Year’s, a chocolaty treat is a must and always looked for around! And to be honest, it does get a non-economical and repetitive to serve the same old style chocolate cakes, pastries and what not, to the curious guests. This time, let’s get a little creative and make our very own chocolate dessert for our fellow sweet-toothed friends. Whether you decide to make chocolate the star or simply a prop, the dish will still be the most favoured one in the party.

So here we are, with the top DIY chocolate decorations videos you can put to use during your next family get-together or even a kitty party. Whether you decide to fill these decorations with more chocolate or something even more flavorful, is totally your discretion. Make sure these beautiful adornments make your sweet dish pop!

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