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Dance is how a body moves with rhythm typically involving some graceful movements of your body and feet. It has paved its way from an art form into a passion. Dance represents the cultural traditions of some states and as well as some countries. But now, what it is dance? Whichever way you move is a dance form in itself. Just one thing you need is just follow what your heart says. Just play on the music and if your feet start tapping by themselves, then that is what dance means.

I, for one, love to dance. Neither I am a trained dancer nor I have ever joined classes. But I learned it myself by following tv shows, videos and that’s how you set a stage for youself to grow. Many reality dance shows have come up with different dance styles and they have managed to gain a name as dance forms.

It’s actually feels like magic happening when you dance. You have to just live fully for that one perfect moment. You have to endure crappy pains or cramps. But if you love doing it, these things won’t stop you.

Some say they dance to express, for some it’s a way to relieve tensions and for some it’s just a part of life. Dance is also a way of communication to express what you feel. Everybody has a dancer within. The only thing is to bring it out in a right manner. Your heart also dances when it beats. Dance is not something what you got, it is something what you make out of what you got.

You don’t need a degree in your hand to dance. Just have a headphone and a music playing device in your pocket and just get started and pave your way to the world of dance.