In the language of travelers,its called the golden triangle.Delhi,Agra and Jaipur are the first and fore most destinations for the travelers from India or coming across the world.Starting from Delhi its the golden triangle of around 800 kms from start to end.While the journey there are other attractions like Vrindavan,Mathura(Birth place of Lord Krishna).So lets start with it

After landing in Delhi you have to find a place to have some rest before you leave for the journey of this huge golden triangle.Pahad ganj is the place where you will find affordable,clean and friendly hotels to put your luggage and have a rest for one day.If you are thinking to save some money on this trip you can do it in the best way.Staying in Pahad Ganj will cost you around 100 $ to 200 $ per night.Next day when you are ready to leave take least things with you.If you are visiting in Summer which is a hard time to visit all the three places,you must have lots of water to drink as all the three places are very hot in summers.In other seasons its very pleasant to visit this golden triangle.For cheapest travel hire an Auto Rickshaw to reach Interstate Bus terminal where you will find buses to Agra.The fair starts from 5$ upto 10$ which is very affordable.Agra is around 250 Kms from Delhi and will take around 5 to 6  hours to reach.It will be better if you start early in the morning so that you can reach Agra early and have full day to see the beauty of Agra.  Don’t find a hotel in Agra as you don’t have much time to have some rest.Hire an Auto Rickshaw from Interstate Bus Terminal in Agra to Taj Mahal.You need 2-3 hours to enjoy the beauty of the Taj.After that you will be hungry,you will find many places for breakfast nearby in affordable price. After breakfast hire an auto rickshaw to The Red Fort.The Red Fort is famous for its magnificent architecture .You can be here for 2-3 hours.Using still and video camera is payable with the minimal cost.Now you have spent half of your day and you have 4-5 more hours to roam around.You can have your lunch at hotels nearby and if you feel that you are really exhausted then you can get a hotel room in around 50-70 $ for one night.But I suggest not to stay in Agra for night.You can find more places to visit in Agra here.You can visit these places in remaining time or you can have rest for few hours.In evening hire an auto rickshaw to Interstate Bus terminal to get a bus to Jaipur.The best thing to get the bus in evening is that you can sleep and have rest while traveling from Agra to Jaipur.

Jaipur is around 250 Kms from Agra and takes around 6-7 hours to reach.Amber Fort is you first stop.Amber fort is as magnificent as The red fort of Agra.It will take around 2-3 hours to roam around the Amber fort.City Palace and Hawa Mahal can be your next destinations.Find more visiting places in Jaipur here. You can spent 2 days in Jaipur for sight seeing and to take some rest.Next day you can have more sight seeing in Jaipur till evening.In evening take a bus to Delhi and travel while sleeping.You can have more rest when you reach to you hotel in Delhi.

Delhi itself have many places to amaze you for its architectures.The Red fort,Qutub Minar,Agarsen ki Baoli,Iron Pillar,Garden of 5 senses,India Gate,Cannaught Place and many places are there where you can spent your 3 days of travel.Find More places to Visit in Delhi  .

I have finished this Itinerary in 6 days but you can be more raw and take deep dig in Agra to find more local places and have fun.Jaipur and places around like Ajmer and Pushkar are also have very interesting places to visit.

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