Born in New Mexico, USA, Demi Lovato is a 25-year old singer, songwriter and actress. Not many know this, but she started out her career as a child actor on “Barney and Friends”. What can easily be considered her breakthrough role, though, is in the 2008 Disney Channel movie “Camp Rock”. She’s definitely not the first Disney actor to go on and choose a singing career. She’s even had feuds with many fellow singing sensations, including Taylor Swift and once-good-friend Miley Cyrus. Besides having a powerful vocal range, she’s known for her activism and being particularly outspoken about her personal struggles.

Lovato identifies as a feminist and an active supporter of LGBT causes, as can be demonstrated by her Twitter account. Specially when she celebrated the fall of the Defence of Marriage Act in 2013 — as well as her visibly pride-oriented music video for “Really Don’t Care”. What makes her a relatable inspiration for many young teenagers is that Lovato has suffered from depression, an eating disorder, self-harm and being bullied before she was admitted to rehab at the age of 18. She has even criticized for her former network, for shows like “So Random!” and “Shake It Up” which included jokes about eating disorders.

So what makes Demi Lovato’s music distinctive from those of her popstar counterparts? Along with upbeat pop songs, her work touches on diverse topics such as getting over heartbreak, learning to love yourself, losing loved ones and even having abusive, alcoholic parents. It’s clear to see that part of the charm for young fans is seeing a beloved childhood icon talk about the things life may throw at you, such as hardships and doubting self-worth. Being a celebrity means not only basking in your wealth and talent, but also using your influence to have a positive impact on others. Many young people are prone to issues with body image, depression, self-confidence and family problems. A majority of Demi’s fan-base feels that besides being catchy, her songs have greatly helped them navigate these problems.


Some of her best music videos are: