Every girl thinks of looking like a princess on the day of her wedding day, but what differs is the way they look at themselves and their likings. Some think of themselves with a heavy and elaborate makeup with dark eyes and vibrant shade of lipstick while for the others the definition of looking perfect on their wedding involves them flaunting their natural beauty with minimal makeup.

This led to the creation of different types of makeup from which every bride can choose the one that she thinks will look wonderful and help her look like a princess on her wedding. So, we consulted with the best makeup artist in Mumbai and asked them about what all styles are the most famous among the brides.

Here we define all the types of makeup that they told us about and discuss what makes each of them so much different from the other. So, just sit back, read on, and then decide on the one that is perfect for you to wear on your D-Day.

Airbrush Makeup

This is the kind of makeup that is literally painted on the face of the bride. What actually makes this makeup unique is the use of a airbrush to make a layer of makeup on the skin instead of using the traditional tools like the brush and sponge. The use of airbrush ensures that the finishing of the makeup is flawless and smooth. This makeup is perfect for a dry winter evening wedding.

HD Makeup

The High Definition makeup is the one that you see everywhere. This type of makeup feature in the TV serials, commercials and Bollywood movies. The makeup is customized in a manner that it looks really well on the cameras and makes very fine lines which make it appear natural. This makeup can help you look younger and is formed by layers of makeup one on top of the other. This makeup is long lasting and is perfect when you have to face the camera for hours.

Nude Makeup

Makeup is something that can only enhance your beautiful features. Nude makeup is something that will help you look natural and will highlight the features that look great and hide all the imperfections. The result will be a picture-perfect bride without going over the top with the makeup. This makeup is perfect for the brides who want to steer away from the bold and dramatic makeup. What makes this makeup style unique is that unlike the other makeups this works on making you look flawless without changing your usual self and will be a great option to wear on a daytime wedding.

Shimmery Makeup

Shimmery makeup is the one that will make you shine on the day of your wedding. There is an extensive use of the shades of the metals like gold, silver, bronze etc. When wearing a shimmery makeup it is essential that the makeup should not be limited to just the face but should also be applied on the neck and the and shoulders so as to give it a continuous look. This makeup, when combined with a shimmery lehenga, will look absolutely stunning and magical. When sporting this look you must convey to the photographer that he mustn’t use a direct flash as the small glitter elements will make the image blown away.

Matte Makeup

The beautiful matte makeup is relatively new and is one of the most popular styles of makeup. A lot can be done with matte makeup and you have a whole lot of choice when you want to customize it to your liking. You have the option to go for ban elaborate and dramatic look or a more natural and elegant one. The natural makeup comes in a wide range of hues and colours which makes up for infinite no. of possibilities for the looks that you can wear.

Smokey Makeup

This is the best option for creating a bold, sexy and powerful look. The Centre of attraction of this look is the eyes and the lipstick with the dark hues highlighting them. This look is generally combined with fake eyelashes and dark eyeliner. Traditionally this look was sported using the shades of black and grey but as the recent trends suggest, more and more brides are choosing to incorporate the shades of brown. The unique feature of this makeup is that it’ll help make you look more sensuous and powerful while also retaining your gracefulness.

Natural Makeup

Tired of all those chemical-laden cosmetics that the world is so obsessed upon. There are many makeup artists who have now started to use all the chemical-free cosmetics and create a look that is equally stunning. Unlike chemical cosmetics which are harsh on the skin, these makeup products are much gentler and do not damage the skin. These makeups usually have minerals as their base instead of oil which makes it easier for the skin to breathe. It is ideal for sensitive skin and is also suggested by the dermatologists. At first, there were limited options but with the growing popularity, there are various products in the market now which will help you look beautiful without compromising on the health of the skin.

Dewy Makeup

A dewy makeup will make your skin shine like no other makeup. It’ll make your skin dewy and hydrated to the core. You might think that this makeup will be greasy to touch but it is a common misconception. With the blend of right products in the right amounts, you’ll get a look that is glowing and dry. If this is the look that you’re going for then make sure you hire a good makeup artist as this can easily mess up if not applied properly.

These are some of the most popular bridal makeup trends that’ll make you look great and will help you obtain that princess look at your wedding that you have always desired for. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, get ready and stun everyone with your looks on your wedding.