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We all want to live in a beautiful world, but what’s the most world to us we live in? Our home, sweet home. Be it small, big or even a manor, we try our best to make it look as extravagant as possible but it’s not always possible or practical to buy expensive decors. What’s rather possible is embezzling your home with glitz and glory, under your budget and according to your likes.

Sounds too surreal? Well, try these fun DIY home decor ideas without putting dent in your wallet, and turn your house into a candy treat. Awake the child in you that has been asleep for a long time and and discover your nifty side.


Let’s get our hands dirty!

We all know how lights have it’s way to make everything looks phenomenal and in addition they are very economical. Perhaps, a string of light, preferably golden, and an old plant-watering can can make your house a real beauty.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 4.31.58 AM.png

Things required for ‘Watering can with lights’ are as follows:

  • Watering can
  • White paint (can be customised in accord with one’s like)
  • Golden (yellow) streak of of light (can be done with solar lights too.)
  • Design stencils
  • Cutter and black/blue maker
  • Any colour spray or any other decorative item
  • And an electricity outlet near by

To begin with, start Cleaning that old watering-can and once cleaned and dried off, paint a layer of white colour. Let it dry and if required paint another layer on it.

Once the second layer has dried up, place the design stencil neatly on the can and spray paint it.

Then wait till the spay paint dries off and having dried mark a circle  of around diameter of 5-8cm with the marker on the opposite side of where the mouth tube of the can is, i.e. on the rear side of the can.

Cut the hole with the cutter where you’ve previously marked.

Place the strings of light in the can and pull one side of the strings out of the mouth tube and let them simple dangle out.

Pull the other end with plug through and out the hole, which we’ve created earlier.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 4.32.03 AM.pngHang the can from a height.

Plug in the outlet and voila!

You’ll have a heavenly drizzling of lights in your house.

It can also be place at the backyard of the house, out in the garden, hung on the window sill or in the corner of beloved bedroom.

You could get lost in the warmth radiating from the lights or you could do it as a fun images-2.jpegactivity with your family members, definitely family goals.This is perfectly easy to do and it looks ravishing.

Brighten and lighten your home today.