is a website that covers various fields of interest such as travel, music, food, Do-It-Yourself tutorials, dance and others. All these categories have well-researched and in-detail content. There is a brief description of the content at the very beginning of every category. Following the description, are a number of vlogs that provide extensive details about the particular topic. There are many options to choose from to suit one’s needs and demands and this is extremely helpful for viewers.

The DIY category has varied sub-categories such as gifts for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and so on, gardening hacks, baking ideas and several others. Under the category of snowflake tutorials are different kinds of vlog tutorials for learning to make different types of snowflakes. The 3D Paper Snowflake Tutorial by Handimania focuses particularly on making 3D Snowflakes out of paper. The video is compact and organised. It does not involve lengthy, complicated processes that are difficult to understand. All required items for making the snowflakes are shown clearly at the beginning of the tutorial. Every step is definitively explained so that it is easy
to follow them. Required measurements are plainly stated for the convenience of those watching. All the items that are used for the procedure are easily available in the market. The picture quality is also good which facilitates better viewing of the procedures involved in the making of 3D snowflakes. In addition, there is also soft background music accompanying the art.

The various tutorials in the DIY category are well chosen. These serve to encourage the art of origami. These also encourage people to utilise their creative abilities and at the same time discover their own creative interests. DIY is a great way to utilise time, an alternative to wasting one’s time by spending hours on social networking sites. Huntsends is a website that provides a one stop solution to
the various needs and requirements of people. The content is educational as well as entertaining, all-encompassing in its approach.


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