Dublin has been a major travel destination for people around the world for centuries, and not much has changed in that regard today! This is one reason this site has pointed in the past to some of the best travel vlogs about the area, some of which can give you a thorough and lovely idea of what to expect if you ever travel there. Because it’s such a popular city though, some deeper exploration can also be helpful, which is why we’re now taking a look at some of Dublin’s hidden charms. 

Marsh’s Library 

If you’re looking for a library in Dublin, you’ll undoubtedly be directed first to the “long room” at Trinity College – which, incidentally, is famously among the most beautiful libraries on Earth. It’s well worth a look, but Marsh’s Library is also a fascinating attraction somewhat overlooked because of Trinity’s reputation. This is actually the oldest public library not just in Dublin but in all of Ireland, and it’s a pretty little red brick building surrounded by greenery. Open since the early 1700s, it remains a functioning public library, and a fascinating one for any book lover or history enthusiast to browse through. 

Fitzwilliam Card Club 

Ireland’s casino culture online has taken off in the last decade, with some of the popular slot and game sites being compared favorably to stepping into a live venue. And because the internet-based business is so good, it’s easy to overlook the fact that Dublin has a lovely little card club right in its midst. The Fitzwilliam is more of a poker lair than a full-fledged casino, but it’s a charming, elegant place for a bit of gaming for those who enjoy such activities. 

Forty Foot 

The New York Times called “the Forty Foot” in Dublin one of the best places to swim in the world, which should be enough to draw you there! Located in Dublin Bay, it’s a very cold place for a dip, but is still known as a natural bathing pool and a very enjoyable one at that, with people frequently leaping off of the rocky surroundings and into the water before climbing back out for a second turn. For those who appreciate Ireland’s rich literary history, it will also be interesting to learn (or recall) that James Joyce himself helped to make the Forty Foot famous in his book Ulysses


Dublin is incredibly famous for two different types of alcoholic beverage: beer (the dark sort, like Guinness) and whisky. As a result, thousands of tourists head to Dublin in search of pubs and distilleries, and they don’t have much trouble finding them. However, the city also has some excellent wine bars that ought not to be overlooked ,and Olesya’s is one of the most charming of them. It’s actually a Russian-inspired establishment, though with something of a Dublin flavor to its interior décor, and it offers hundreds of bottles of wine not just from Europe but from around the world. It’s about as good as any bar or restaurant for a night out in the city. 

Croke Park 

Croke Park isn’t exactly a secret. It’s a massive stadium right in Dublin where a lot of sporting events are held, and it’s hard to miss if you’re in Dublin for long exploring. However, we’re pointing it out here as a “hidden charm” because many travelers might not associate it specifically with what it’s best for: hurling! This uniquely Irish sport is a treat to see live, and part of the experience of immersing yourself in Dublin’s culture. If you get the chance, a hurling event at Croke Park is a must-see.