Diavel in Italian means Devil, and if you are not willing to sell your soul for it, you don’t have a heart. This is Ducati’s way of doing cruisers. And in true Italian style, it has titillating looks and an aggression that would do a Spanish bullfighter proud. It roars like a beast, is comfortable, has electronics from the future, and unlike the Fatboys of the world can actually give a good run for money to quite a few sports bikes. Clearly the bike to have if you love bikes, a comfortable riding position, corners and tattoos. And in case you are buying it, I am up for adoption.

Engine & Transmission

The engine is full of character and power. In fact, the only cruiser which has more power than the Diavel is the V-Max, but the Ducati with its V-twin is more tractable and that is what makes Diavel better than the V-Max.

The transmission is a 6 speed affair, neatly delivering all that power to the terra firma. Gem of an engine, peach of a gearbox.


There is no price to riding a tsunami of sound wearing aviators, so if you are really looking at how many kms per litre this thing does, look elsewhere.

Performance and Handling

The Ducati Diavel has a massive 1.2 litre L-twin good for around a time bending 159 bhp and around 120 Nm of torque.

Any more and you could probably reverse the earth’s direction of spin. If you can hold on to the handlebar while wringing the throttle fully open, you Sir, deserve respect but not your driving license. It has so much power, and that too throughout its rev range, that it will take superhuman effort to resist the urge to not break the law on this one