Located amongst 14 other summits, Goecha La trek is every mountaineer’s dream. Surrounded by a fascinatingly wide range of flora and fauna, Goecha La trek is the route to Kanchenjunga National Park and its captivating beauty. It is encircled by an exquisite view of tall peaks. The orange-lit sky during the sunrise adds to the allure of the place. The track to Goecha La is blessed with Rhododendron forests which come to life with pink and red flowers in the spring months of March and April. It is an enormously pleasing walk through the wooden-log trails of these jungles!

Another visual sight is the Samiti Lake holding the reflection of Mt. Pandim in its still waters. The trek starts with a fairly large settlement of Sikkim, Yuksom a place full of culture. From Yuksom, you may travel to Bhakim whilst surrounded by wonderful views of the forest and Yuksom valley. Going through the moist jungle for about half an hour, you come across a series of mini waterfall leading to an iron bridge. From Bhakim the trail begins to Tshoka, where the altitude rises noticeably and the air grows cooler. The trail gets dark because of the surrounding Rhododendron trees. What will take your breath away is the view of the snow-clad peaks of the Kanchenjunga range stretching right behind you – with Mt Pandim dominating the skyline. For most trekkers, this is the view of the day. You can climb a little higher to get wonderful panorama shots of the pond and the peaks. From here the path begins for Phedang which is at 13000 feet above the sea levels. It is a large clearing with the enthralling view of the snow-clad mountains.

The best time to visit the glorious location is summer season between the months April to June. This trip should be avoided during the monsoon season due to the slippery path and landslides. All in all, this place is a true epitome of beauty.


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